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We are an authorized dealer for many popular car audio brands which means our customers receive the best pricing and service available!

Our Mission Statement is very simple. We were founded with the vision of producing innovative and affordable solutions for all customers. We aim to go above and beyond in customer service, quality, and attention to detail. Our employees are creative, practical, energetic and have the drive and passion to facilitate the needs of an industry that is always rapidly evolving. We aim to provide innovations in every level...

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- Tony- Tony
These guys are fantastic. I felt comfortable from the minute I talked to Derek on the phone. I price shopped a bit for tint on my truck and looked at reviews online.. Laketown came in #1. They did a great job on the tint and ...
My husband decided (at the last minute) to get a better car audio system before our roadtrip the next day. He arrived near closing time. Issac helped him pick out a stereo and Sid stayed late to install it. Derek showed him all its features. ...
- Neil- Neil
My navigation screen went black a couple months after buying a used 2007 Toyota Camry. I tried to fix it myself (bad idea!) and got extremely agitated and overwhelmed with the million different types of wires and cords. I researched this place and was really ...
Great place! They were really helpful, they charge me for the initial look up and help me much longer than they should have. Derek help me find a great subwoofer and help me install it, he also took the time to come to my car, ...
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