4 ATV and UTV Audio Problems and How to Fix Them

Both your ATV and UTV audio systems are important — they drastically enhance your trail-riding experience. You might love hearing the roar of the engine as you scale hills and get muddy, but there’s something truly energizing about hearing your favorite tunes blasting through the speakers while you do it.

atv audio problems

You can’t get a perfect ATV or UTV audio system by accident — you have to want it. Stock systems don’t provide the rich tones or the balanced sound you want. You need to invest in superior products and a professional’s expertise. That’s how you overcome four common UTV audio issues to get the sound you’re looking for.

Too Much Exterior Noise

Road noise is a problem in every vehicle you drive, but especially your ATV or UTV. The engine is powerful, which is great for rough terrain, but that means it’s loud. When you have your audio system cranked all the way up, you still can’t really enjoy your playlist. How can you, when you can barely hear it?

You can resolve this issue by boosting the amplification and giving your UTV audio system more power — that’s what it needs to project over the engine noise.

Outdated Connectivity

One of the smallest details that’s one of the biggest inconveniences is extremely outdated connectivity options for your ATV audio system. Maybe it only has a CD player. Maybe it requires a certain corded connection and you don’t have the right cable. Wouldn’t it be easier to just turn on your smartphone’s Bluetooth and select your favorite playlist?

All the best, modern aftermarket UTV audio upgrades allow this convenient function — outdated connectivity is no longer a problem.

Aftermarket Upgrades … That Don’t Fit Your Needs

If you already spent money to upgrade your ATV audio and you don’t notice a difference, you have a problem. Maybe the supposed “sound specialist” wasn’t also a “speed specialist.” Maybe they outfitted your UTV with heavy speakers — needless weight that just makes your ride sluggish. Whatever the case, if you invested in an aftermarket upgrade that hasn’t paid off, you need a remedy.

There is no point in making changes to your UTV audio system if you won’t enjoy the finished product. Maybe your system just needs tweaking, or maybe you need a complete overhaul. Either way, you need a pro’s help.

Imbalanced Audio

It’s not easy to create a balanced, perfectly level ATV stereo sound, so if you notice an imbalance in the audio levels, you wouldn’t be the first ATV or UTV owner with the same problem.

This problem, like the others, is resolved with an expert’s care. You don’t have to settle for subpar just because it’s UTV stereo sound — you can and should still expect the best.

Laketown Speed and Sound crafts high-quality, unmatched ATV and UTV audio systems. Call us today for a free quote before your next trail-riding trip.