4 Reasons to Hire a Pro for ATV Audio Installation

A custom ATV audio system is an upgrade you just have to have. Imagine barreling down a dune at top speed with your adrenaline pumping and your latest jam thumping in your subwoofer. It has to happen.

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Before you follow a questionable DIY tutorial and create an ATV speaker out of a PVC pipe, or follow any other doubtful advice found on the internet, consider these four reasons it’s worth it to hire a pro to install your ATV audio.

1. A Pro Will Choose the Right System

Off-roading has never been more popular, and ATV audio systems have never been more plentiful. There are so many different systems to choose from, but which one is the best for your ATV?

A pro audio installer will take an in-depth look at your off-road vehicle, then they’ll ask you some questions. What capabilities are you looking for in your system? Do you want Bluetooth connectivity?

They will help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect solution.

2. A Pro Will Ensure the System Is Rugged and Durable

If you’re a serious off-roader who takes your ATV over all types of terrain, you need an audio system that will perform.

It’s smart to purchase an ATV audio system that’s waterproof and heavy-duty. After all, how else will it withstand the rocky mud puddles you cruise through? But if it’s not installed correctly, it won’t stand up to the test.

Your pro audio installer makes sure the right protocols are followed when it comes to wiring and setting up your system, ensuring it delivers on its promises.

3. A Pro Will Focus on Sound Quality and Balance

The central goal of every custom audio installation is to produce a result that wows the listener. You want a high-quality audio output that’s perfectly balanced.

The challenge is even greater when it comes to ATV audio installations. With so much engine and exterior noise, how can the system deliver a high-quality sound?

Your pro ATV audio installers have this project down to a science. They will expertly tweak and balance your system until your ATV is your favorite place to listen to music — it’s that good.

4. A Pro Will Handle ATV Modifications with Care

Think about how much you’ve invested in your ATV. Do you want just anyone messing with the wiring?

ATV modifications should only be handled by professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. From bolting in the durable speakers to connecting your system to your battery, mistakes can be costly, and there is no room for error. That’s why you need a professional’s touch.

What Are You Waiting for? Install Custom ATV Audio Today

While ATV audio isn’t absolutely necessary, it’s a surefire way to increase your trail-riding enjoyment by 1,000 percent. And why shouldn’t you install a custom ATV audio system with experienced technicians like Laketown Speed and Sound on your side?

We sell a range of high-quality ATV sound systems, and we install them with care. Make your weekend ATV excursions that much more enjoyable — call today for a free audio installation quote.