5 Common Car Audio Problems 

We can fix your car’s audio problems quickly — all it takes is one call to Laketown Speed and Sound.

Common Car Audio Problems We Troubleshoot

So many things can go wrong with your car audio. From minor bugs to major breakdowns, we repair and replace as needed to make sure your vehicle is delivering the mobile sound quality you deserve.

Below are five common reasons car owners like you call us.

Radio Turns Off

When the radio randomly turns off, you probably have a power connection or grounding problem. If the ground connection has come loose or is rusted, it’s important to replace this piece or repair it to get a constant flow of reliable power to your unit.

No Sound

When the head unit turns on but no sound comes out of the speakers, it’s likely due to a bad wiring job. If your car has an amplifier, it’s vital for the wiring to include a 12v signal connector. Amateur installers often overlook this step.

Another wiring issue that could cause this problem is loose or bad connections to the speakers.

Speakers Crackle and Pop

When speakers get old, the sound quality drops, which can mean crackling noises. We can test for this problem by swapping the speaker channel. If the crackling doesn’t go away, it’s the fault of the speaker. If the channel swap fixes it, it may be a wiring and connection issue.

No Bass

If your speakers are not aligned in their polarity, one might be pushing while the other is pulling air. In aftermarket speakers, this is one of the top reasons for the lack of bass in a car stereo system.

By either installing an external amplifier or making sure the speakers are wired correctly to the head unit, we can fix this issue for you.

Heats Up

Is your car stereo hot to touch? This can be scary because it can cause a fire, so you need to address the issue immediately. Talk to a skilled professional from the team at Laketown Speed and Sound. We will assess the wiring to find the cause of the overheating. We repair and replace wires and components as needed to resolve malfunctions quickly.

We believe in good sound, and you can depend on our commitment to quality. Laketown Speed and Sound is a company you can trust with your car audio problems, because you know you’ll get a fast, cost-effective fix.