5 Features of a Quality Remote Car Starter

Get a remote car starter that offers everything you’re looking for and more, and you can say goodbye to shivering mornings and hot afternoons starting your car. Your vehicle temperature will be comfortable every time you open the door, and you’ll be ready to hit the road.

remote car starter

Even though a remote car starter provides an obvious advantage — the ability to turn on your vehicle’s A/C or heat before getting in — remote starters provide other benefits as well.

Keep the following in mind when you’re shopping for a remote car starter:

1. Don’t Look for Price — Look for Value

Is the lowest price going to give you the best product? Probably not. When searching for a remote starter for your vehicle, don’t just look for the cheapest option; look for a product that combines affordability with long-term value.

If you decide to buy a remote system, it’s wise to also invest in professional installation too. Skilled installation can be the single most defining factor that determines the durability and long-term functionality of a remote car starter. You need a trained professional to ensure all the wiring is attached securely and correctly — it’s a highly technical job.

2. Make Sure it Comes with a Warranty

Never buy a vehicle starter that doesn’t come with a good manufacturer’s warranty. This is your only protection if any of the parts malfunction after installation.

Additionally, you should always ask the professional installers if they guarantee their work. A workmanship warranty ensures you can take your car back in at no extra charge to you if the system stops working.

3. Range Is Important

Don’t settle for a vehicle starter with a small range — you’d be surprised at the places you are going to need the system to work. Maybe you’ll be at a shopping mall or a football stadium and would love to have your car warmed up by the time you reach it. A 500-foot transmitter range won’t be enough.

4. A Two-Way System Is Better

With a one-way remote, you press the button and hope the car turns on like it’s supposed to. With a two-way system, you get a return signal that verifies the car has started.

5. The Add-On Features Are Worth It

You can find systems that also offer keyless entry, security, a power lift gate release, the ability to turn on heated seats and window defrost, and more. Don’t skimp on the add-on features — you’ll be happy to have the additional conveniences.

The team at Laketown Speed and Sound can guide you in selecting a quality remote car starter, the one that’s best for your vehicle and meets all of your needs.