5 Features to Look for in a Car Audio System

Are you looking to upgrade your car’s audio system? Finding the perfect system can be challenging, especially if you aren’t sure which features you want included.

car audio system

To help you narrow down which product might meet your needs, consider looking for these five features when you’re sorting through your options.

Bluetooth Integration

If both your phone and your car audio system are Bluetooth capable, you can answer calls through your vehicle’s audio. Bluetooth technology allows information to be transmitted wirelessly across short distances. You can cut down on cables use and make communication hands-free, which is safer because it allows you to keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times.

Upgraded HD Radio

HD radio technology allows stations to stream signals with more information and at a higher quality. Normal FM radio stations will sound better, as if you were listening to a CD. AM radio waves will transmit at FM quality levels. If your car’s system is HD radio capable, you may be able to view information on the song currently playing, including title and artist, as well as weather and traffic broadcasts.

iPod and USB Inputs

When you’re able to directly plug in your iPod or smartphone, you will have premium sound quality. You’ll be able to control the device from your steering wheel or dashboard controls and you will see the song information on the screen. Since media is moving away from the CD and toward compressed digital files, having an auxiliary or USB input is definitely a feature you want in your car’s audio system.


Many car audio systems come with navigation. Since these systems usually include a screen, first you will have to make sure it will fit with your car’s make and model, especially if your vehicle previously had a smaller space available in the dashboard for the audio receiver. Having your GPS incorporated is useful because you won’t have to attach a wired device to the dashboard or hold your phone to see the map.

Satellite Radio Capability

Satellite radio can broadcast your favorite channels from anywhere in the country. To take advantage of this, you will need to purchase and install a system with this capability, and have an antenna attached to your roof. Once this device is installed, you still have to pay for a satellite radio subscription to access all channels.

Whichever features you choose, you can depend on Laketown Speed and Sound to expertly install and configure your car audio system — call today to set up an appointment or to review your system options.