Advantages of Bluetooth Technology in a Vehicle, Part 1

There are several modern technological advances that have created major improvements for car audio, and one of the best examples here is Bluetooth. A common wireless technology that’s used across numerous smartphones and other common devices, Bluetooth connection allows for seamless connectivity between your vehicle’s audio system and the devices that hold your music or other audio.

At Laketown Speed and Sound, we’re happy to offer numerous car audio services or additions, including Bluetooth technology for older vehicle models that don’t come with this pre-installed. From the simple convenience of Bluetooth to several other practical benefits it carries, why is this an installation you should seriously consider for your car sound system? This two-part blog series will go over all the basics of Bluetooth plus the positive impacts of installing it in your vehicle.

advantages Bluetooth technology vehicle

Bluetooth Basics and Capabilities

As we noted above, Bluetooth is a form of wireless technology that allows for the connection of two devices. It’s commonly used in situations where an audio source device, such as a smartphone, needs to be connected to a speaker input source that has more power than the smaller device.

Bluetooth has several significant benefits, from the basic convenience and added speaker power it allows to the hands-free nature it offers. We’ll hit on these in our subsequent sections.

Safety Improvement

For many, the top benefit of Bluetooth within a vehicle is the safety improvement it brings. As numerous areas of research and statistics have shown over recent years, taking phone calls or texting while driving is incredibly dangerous, and has unfortunately led to a wide range of injuries and even deaths on the road.

Bluetooth, however, eliminates this danger. A Bluetooth system can be infused into your car to allow you to not only pick up phone calls hands-free, but make your own calls and even send or receive text messages using voice notification. This allows you to focus 100% of your vision and both your hands on the road at all times.

Convenience Factors

These same features also provide fantastic convenience, both for those who are actively driving and even those who aren’t. Hands-free leaves you available to perform other tasks if you’re sitting stopped in your car, a major factor for those who often work “from their cars,” so to speak.

On top of this, modern Bluetooth has even more capabilities. It often includes the ability to connect with two phones at once, for instance, or to interface with your car’s visual screen and audio to announce who is calling or texting you.

For more on the benefits of a Bluetooth installation in your vehicle, or to learn about any of our car audio installations or related services, speak to the staff at Laketown Speed and Sound today.