An Automotive Security System Keeps Your Upgrades Safe

Could an automotive security system give you some much-needed peace of mind?

You bet!

You can’t help it — you think about that top-tier sound system and those shiny chrome accents you just had installed, and it’s a source of stress. Will someone break into your car to steal your upgrades? Or worse, steal your entire car?

automotive security system

If you don’t have an automotive security system installed, you may waste time worrying about the possibility of a vehicle break-in. But with a customized alarm system expertly installed, you won’t have to worry anymore.

How Do Alarm Systems Work?

Modern automotive security systems aren’t the over-sensitive, frustrating alarms found on many older vehicles. Advanced technology gives you the control — you can set the alarm when you walk away.

If a thief tries to get into your vehicle, the system will give off a warning signal, and usually that’s enough to send them running. Or if you prefer, you can select a system that sends out a silent alarm signal to your key fob or paired Bluetooth device so you can call the police.

It’s an Investment

Think about all the time and money you’ve spent upgrading your vehicle. You’ve financed performance tweaks, sound system enhancements and exterior body improvements. You have good reason to be concerned — your vehicle is a prime target.

Go one step further and invest in an automotive security system. Not only could you see a payback in the form of an insurance discount and a weight off your mind, you’ll keep your well-loved vehicle safe.

Your Behavior Can Help Prevent a Break-In

Beyond simply arming your car with an alarm, take preventive steps to reduce the chances of a break-in. For example, park in well-lit areas and always hide valuables. Also hide all the cords and mounting equipment for cell phones and GPS units, as these can tip off criminals.

Surprisingly enough, one of the items that criminals try to steal out of cars is personal mail. Don’t leave mail visible, or else your car may be broken into, and your identity could be stolen.

Outfit Your Car without Fear

Once you have an automotive security system installed, you’ll worry less, and you’ll feel free to really start ramping up your upgrade game. If you’ve been hesitant to buy that next-level receiver or satellite radio because of the risk of a car break-in, let a professional alarm system put your fears to rest.

Trust Laketown Speed and Sound for the attentive, expert attention required to install a top-of-the-line automotive security system. We have a range of alarm system options to fit your needs and your budget.