Can Radar Detectors Help You Dodge Tickets?

Radar detectors are drivers’ main defense against expensive tickets and points on their insurance. Many speed limits are designed to establish a flow of revenue to the municipality, and are only selectively enforced. However, thinking that there won’t be law enforcement out on the road to catch you going too fast is no excuse for doing it in the first place as getting a ticket could result in a fine; you may even want to get legal help involved on your behalf if you’re trying to contest it. The main takeaway is to just not speed in the first place.


By installing a radar detector, you may be able to avoid paying fines and dealing with insurance hikes. But you must make sure you purchase a quality brand and install it correctly.

Without having a radar detector installed in your car, you are increasing the chances of receiving a traffic ticket, and therefore, you will be putting yourself through unnecessary stress when trying to find insurance, as well as having extra points on your license. It could be important to remember that if you do pick up a traffic ticket, you could get it revoked by completing this ca traffic school course (or something similar) so it doesn’t show up on your driver records. This could be worth your while, especially if you don’t have a radar detector installed. That’s why it could be even more beneficial if you have one.

Here are four ways you can make sure you’re getting the most for your money from your radar detector:

1. Make Sure it’s Mounted Correctly

Installing radar detectors can be challenging. It might seem like an easy do-it-yourself job, but if the device is mounted in the wrong spot, it won’t pick up the radar signals in time to warn you of police presence.

It’s tempting to mount the device high on the windshield, but there are a few problems with this. First, since police may train the radar gun on a car’s license plate, it may not pick up the signal accurately.

Also, if the police pull you over, they won’t be happy to see the device mounted in the middle of the windshield, even if it’s technically legal. They will likely issue you a speeding ticket and perhaps tack on a citation for having a visual obstruction.

The best way to make sure your radar detector works effectively is to have the device professionally installed. The technician will know exactly where to put it for maximum performance.

2. Get Familiar with How it Works

Study the different modes, such as city versus highway. Learn how to identify a weak signal and not mistake it for a false signal. The more familiar you are with the alert system, the quicker you will be able to react accordingly.

3. Don’t Leave it in Plain Sight

Radar detectors are commonly stolen out of vehicles. Always store yours out of sight, and take down the mounting equipment as well, if it’s easily seen through the windshield or windows.

4. Don’t Get Overconfident

Anyone who has owned a radar detector will tell you that as convenient as the device is, you shouldn’t use it as license to speed. Stay conscious of your surroundings so you can begin to brake as soon as it transmits an alert without putting yourself or other drivers at risk.

Trust Laketown Speed and Sound to install your radar detector so that it works just the way the manufacturer intended, and you expect. Save yourself frustration and a traffic stop – make an appointment for a professional install today.