Car Audio for Convertibles – Getting Killer Sound at 75 mph

If you have a convertible, car audio systems present a unique challenge. This is especially true if you’re an audiophile who wants high-quality sound and ample volume, even when you’re driving at full speed with the top down.

The good news is that it’s not an impossible challenge. In fact, when you work with an experienced car audio professional, they can help you create the system you’ve dreamed of. 

In some cases, you can make modifications to a premium factory system but, in most cases, you’ll need to replace most of the OEM components. If you’re willing to consider a fully custom car audio system installation, you may have an even better experience.

car audio for convertibles

The Car Audio Challenges of Driving a Convertible

One of the best parts of dropping the top and cruising down the freeway is feeling the wind on your face and in your hair. But, as the wind is whipping by your head at freeway speed, it’s also blowing sound waves away from your ears.

Also, when you have the top down, you can hear all the ambient sounds that would otherwise be filtered out.

Even with the top up, convertibles pose more car stereo challenges than hardtop vehicles. These vehicles are designed with gaps that don’t exist in hardtops and, no matter how well-designed or well-built the vehicle may be, those gaps let air and noise in – and it usually worsens over time.

Designing a Car Audio System for Your Convertible

Because every vehicle and customer are different, every car stereo system is also unique. But, generally, car stereo designs for convertibles require a specialized approach when choosing components.

The head unit you select should have speed volume compensation (SVC) will boost volume as you increase speed, to compensate for the road noise. You will need an amplifier to provide enough power to get the volume you need. 

You’ll need speakers but, for the most part, you’ll probably have to focus the sound at the front of the vehicle and the top of the sound spectrum. Component speakers are probably the way to go for most vehicles. It’s worth considering adding headrest speakers if possible, as those often provide the optimal sound for driving with the top down. And, to make sure you fill in the lower range, you’ll want a good subwoofer to round out the system.

You might also want to consider adding a digital signal processor (DSP) to your system. You can choose a DSP with memory presets, allowing you to set profiles for when you have the top up, top down, top down with windows down, etc.

Consider a Custom Convertible Car Audio Installation

When you trust the pros at Laketown Speed and Sound to design and install a custom car stereo system, you’ll have the best sound available with a truly professional, stock appearance. Every visible component will appear as though it belongs.Our attention to detail and exceptional customer service set us apart in the northern Utah car audio industry.

We are located in Draper but our customers come from throughout the Salt Lake City area . Contact us today to schedule your appointment to discuss a car audio system for your convertible.