Car Stereo Component Appearance Vs. Quality, Part 1

There are numerous industries where appearances do not necessarily always equal quality products, and a great example here is the world of car audio. Apart from the obvious here – car stereos and audio systems are about sound, not looks – there are several situations where audio equipment might appear high-quality, but in reality is not quite the upgrade you had hoped for in your vehicle.

At Laketown Speed and Sound, we’re here to ensure this never happens to you through our detailed car sound system services. We’ll help inform you which of your options truly serve as upgrades to your current audio system, compared to which might be all looks with limited actual quality. In this two-part blog, well go over some of the issues with using appearance to gauge a given sound system, plus the various elements of a system you can consider upgrading for a truly elite car audio system.

car stereo component appearance quality

Risk of Appearances

As we touched on above, appearances can be deceiving within the world of car audio. Sadly, many subpar products still exist in this realm, and those who attempt to peddle them to customers often design them to look modern, high-tech and high-functioning when they sit on shelves or in your vehicle.

If these products don’t have the proper audio components, however, then it simply doesn’t matter how modern or high-quality they look. They may sound only marginally better than your car’s stock audio system, or could even sound worse in some cases. And worse yet, car owners who don’t have training in vehicle audio might not be able to understand these differences until it’s too late.

From here, let’s look at several vital car audio areas where our pros will help you avoid low-quality materials just because they look great, instead steering you to the actual products you require.

Head Unit

Speaking of visuals created by the audio system, the single most visible component here is the head unit. Modern head units are generally touch screens that can play both video and audio, though you can still find old cassette decks or other previous versions here. Again, a reminder to drive home: Just because this unit, even one with a touch screen in some cases, looks cool and modern, does not necessarily mean it has all the proper audio components – our team will help you identify those that do have the proper qualities for your sound needs.


Next, you have to ensure you have speakers that are not only high-quality themselves, but are also compatible with the head unit and have no connection issues. Modern speakers contain not only clean sound quality, but also noise reduction technology for the road and many other features.

For more on upgrading your car’s audio system in meaningful ways, or to learn about any of our car stereo installation services, window tinting or other performance services, speak to the staff at Laketown Speed and Sound today.