Convenience and Vehicle Security Benefits of Remote Start Systems

At Laketown Speed and Sound, we take pride in the automotive security services we offer in addition to our quality car audio and stereo installation solutions. Motor vehicle thefts have gone down by a significant amount over the last couple decades, and technology like our keyless entry, power locking and other security elements play a big role in this trend.

One of the modern pieces of technology we offer when it comes to car security is the remote start operation feature. Many people associate this feature with comfort as well – it can be used to start the car and warm it up during the cold winter, or to get the AC humming with cool air during the sweltering summer. Some may mistakenly worry about a remote start feature as a security concern, but in reality it’s the precise opposite – let’s look at the safety precautions built into this technology that keep your vehicle safe while also improving your day-to-day convenience.

convenience security remote start systems

Automatic Locking

The first and most vital piece of information to understand here: When you initiate a remote start of your vehicle, whether from inside your home or any other location, the vehicle’s doors will automatically lock – if they weren’t already locked in the first place, that is. A would-be thief can’t simply get in the car while it’s running and drive away.

Rather, such an individual would have to actively break into the car to access it, which will attract attention, including your alarm going off. You have to separately unlock the door with your key or remote before it will open.

Key Still Required

And even if you happen to run into a thief who is able to break into your running car without attracting too much attention, guess what? They still can’t go anywhere with your car. This is because the remote start feature still requires the actual key to be inserted into the ignition and turned on before the car can drive.

Until this point, the car’s gearshift will remain stuck in Park no matter what. The car can run and warm itself up, but as soon as someone presses the brake without the key in the ignition, it will shut down. In addition, modern vehicles have chips in their keys that serve as anti-theft protection through data that’s sent to the car’s computer.

Timing Range

Finally, a remote start will not allow the car to run indefinitely once it’s fired up. It comes with a timer, generally set to somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes, after which the car will shut down automatically if the key is not inserted.

For more on how remote start technology improves both your convenience and your vehicle security, or to learn about any of our car audio, window tinting or other services, speak to the staff at Laketown Speed and Sound today.