Draper Remote Start Features: Temperature Control, Vehicle Security

There are a number of automotive features that provide both practical and stylistic benefits, and a great example here is the remote start feature. While some primarily consider a remote start for their vehicle because it’s novel and unique, this feature is also often selected because it holds multiple areas of practical value to the vehicle owner.

At Laketown Speed and Sound, we’re happy to offer a variety of automotive performance and auto security upgrades for Draper, Utah clients, including remote start systems for those interested in this capability. Is getting such a system worth the expense you’ll pay for it? That largely depends on the use you can expect to get out of several features of remote start systems, which we’ll dig into in this two-part blog series.

remote start temperature security

More than a Novelty

As we noted above, some are mostly interested in a remote start because it’s cool and unique. How many of your friends can start their car without even being inside it?

However, this is just one small piece of the broad picture when it comes to the benefits these systems bring. For most, such an installation wouldn’t be worth it just for this novelty – but in these cases, all the additional positives that come with a remote start system are the ones that help you make your decision.

Our next several sections will go over these other convenience and practical areas.

Temperature Considerations

One of the most common uses of remote start systems, especially among Utahns who have to park their cars outside during the cold winter or the hot summer, is to regulate temperature. Think about your car’s interior during the sweltering heat of a mid-July day, for instance: We all dread getting into that virtual sauna initially, especially if there are leather seats.

With a remote start, however, this is a thing of the past. Instead, you can start your car a few minutes in advance and allow the air conditioning to reach full blast before you step foot inside the car – the flip side is just as possible during the cold winter, where you can even begin the defrost cycle for your windshield and back windows in advance.

Vehicle Security

Now, it’s important to note that the above capability comes with one very important caveat: Until you actually approach the vehicle and unlock it yourself, this entire remote start process takes place with all doors locked. This limits any risk of thieves attempting to steal your running car – in fact, there are even remote start systems that will start the vehicle, but will not allow it to actually drive anywhere until the owner and their keys are inserted properly into the car.

For more on the value of a remote start system and why you might consider one for your vehicle, or to learn about any of our car stereos, window tinting or other automotive upgrades in Draper, speak to the staff at Laketown Speed and Sound today.