Get Your Auto Window Tinting Before Summer Arrives

Once summertime rolls around in northern Utah, auto window tinting may become your best friend.

Even on days that aren’t brutally hot, the sun’s intensity can quickly heat up your vehicle. But, in addition to helping keep your car cooler, window tint delivers a host of other benefits.

The Benefits of Having Tinted Car Windows

Adding tint to your vehicle’s windows will help keep your car cooler, even on the hottest of days. This means greater comfort for you and your passengers and you won’t have to use as much AC to cool down the vehicle.

Tint helps protect your investment by blocking the damaging UV rays that cause interior components to crack and fade. Tint also helps protects you and your passengers from the sun and the damage it can cause.

You’ll enjoy added security and privacy after you install auto window tinting. Would-be thieves won’t be able to see what you have inside your car, whether it’s parked or rolling down the road.

Finally, tinted windows help your car look great. Depending on the product you choose, you may even have the option of different shades, such as blue, gray or bronze.

Determining the Right Type of Auto Window Tinting for You

You may not realize it but you have your choice of window tint materials. The right selection for you will depend on your budget and your goals. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend and you don’t plan on having your vehicle for years to come, you can select a basic film with color stabilization.

If you’d like a more enduring product that comes with a lifetime warranty and multiple color options, consider a ceramic or metalized type of tint.

A higher quality tint material will do a better job of keeping your vehicle cool and provide greater UV protection.

Auto Window Tint Installation in Draper UT

If you’ve ever tried DIY car window tinting – or seen someone’s unfortunate attempt – you already know why it’s important to let a professional handle this project.

When applied correctly, you’ll never be able to tell your car has anything on its windows.  Professionally installed tint simply looks like colored glass. No bumps, no bubble and now waves. Just perfectly colored perfection.

Based in Draper, Laketown Speed and Sound provides professional tint services, in addition to car audio installation, boat and RV stereos, motorcycle and ATV sound systems and automotive upgrades. Window tint installation is quick and painless, with most jobs completed in about 1-2 hours.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from having auto window tinting installed on your vehicle before summer arrives.