How Can You Tell if You Have a Blown Car Speaker?

A blown car speaker can seriously curb your enthusiasm on a long road trip, or even a short commute to work. Half the fun of driving is listening to your favorite playlist at a high volume.

When rattling and buzzing drown out your jam, is the issue fixable or do you have a blown car speaker?

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Why Do Car Speakers Give Out?

Car speakers can sustain either mechanical or thermal damage, causing them to start sounding strange or not working at all.

Mechanically, if the speaker’s cone moves a certain way, it can cause other pieces of the speaker to break apart. Thermally, when the speaker receives too much power, it creates a buildup of heat that can melt components and destroy wiring.

Listen for the Obvious

For the most part, you will know right away when one of your car speakers blows. All of a sudden, a hissing, fuzzy noise will overwhelm the previous crystal-clear frequencies. Distortion will only get louder as you turn up the volume. This is the unmistakable sign of a blown car speaker.

If your speaker is severely damaged, you may not hear anything at all.

Incomplete Range?

Maybe your speakers sound great most of the time, but any very high or very low frequencies draw out that unwelcome fuzziness. What’s that all about?

If the speaker is starting to come apart, frequencies within a certain range may still sound fine. But when you turn up the bass and hear nothing, it’s clear your speaker is at least partially damaged. It’s time to have it replaced before it gets worse.

No Vibrations = No Power

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if any sound is coming through a particular speaker. The foolproof way to find out is to turn the volume up higher and feel the speaker. If you don’t feel any vibrations, the speaker isn’t receiving power.
This could be because it’s blown, or there may be a simple wiring problem that’s easily repairable. Either way, whenever there’s a lack of vibrations, it’s time to address the issue.

Listen for Other Suspicious Noises

Sometimes a blown car speaker may still transmit sound, but it will give off a rattling or popping noise. This may mean you need to replace the speaker, or it could point to a minor problem, such as a broken tweeter.

What Should You Do?

Any problems with your car audio system can be quickly remedied at Laketown Speed and Sound. Don’t let a blown car speaker interfere with your enjoyment of your ride — come in today and let us handle the repair efficiently and affordably. We also provide audio system upgrades.