Is it Time for a New Boat Stereo System?

How old is your boat stereo system? More importantly, does it produce reliable, high-quality sound?

An afternoon spent on the lake is always better somehow when you have the perfect soundtrack playing in the background. Whether you like to stream your music from a subscription service, play tunes from your own electronic device or groove to satellite radio, you need audio components that can stand the test of time, despite the variety of harsh conditions you expose them to.

Marine audio installation in Draper UT

The Unique Challenges of Marine Audio Technology

Moisture is the mortal enemy of sensitive electronic devices, along with salty air, heat and dust. Not surprisingly, those are the precise conditions your boat stereo has to endure here in northern Utah.

Most boaters also like to enjoy a little speed while on the water. As a result, you’re frequently bouncing along over waves and wake. This constant jostling puts even more strain on your electronics and their connections.

Finally, getting clear, high-quality sound can be difficult in a marine installation, due to the open-air conditions and the myriad sounds of the water, engine noise and the other watercraft buzzing around.

Signs It’s Time for a New Boat Stereo

If you aren’t getting the volume, quality or clarity of sound you want from your current system, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Likewise, if your system has started to deteriorate or provide sporadic service, it’s likely succumbing to the will of the water.

You may also want to explore a new marine audio installation if you’re still fighting with the factory AM/FM radio or single-disc CD player. With options like Bluetooth connectivity, USB and other input ports and even wifi options for streaming content, it’s time to bring your boat into the modern era of marine electronics.

Choosing a Boat Stereo Installation Expert

You have to be careful when selecting an installer for your new boat audio system. Boat mechanics aren’t well-versed in these types of electronics. Traditional car audio installers may also lack a true understanding of how the marine environment affects the design and installation of audio and video components. It’s also critical that any electronic equipment be specifically designed to handle the moist, corrosive environment of the water.

Located in Draper, Laketown Speed and Sound provides expert marine audio installation for clients throughout northern Utah. We understand the challenges and we rise to the occasion, designing systems that can handle the extreme elements your boat endures.

We have a wide variety of boat stereo components to choose from, along with other options to improve the comfort and convenience of your watercraft. Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to designing and installing the marine stereo system of your dreams, at a price that will definitely float your boat.