Is It Time for a New Marine Audio System?

Your old marine audio system may not be able to provide the kind of entertainment you had in mind for a day out on the Great Salt Lake. You need your favorite playlist blasting to set the tone for a breezy, relaxing, exciting day on the water.

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A new marine audio system can change everything. You’ll set the tone for fun, and your passengers will clamor for another invite next weekend. With summer quickly approaching, take the time to upgrade your boat’s audio and enjoy superior sound all season long.

Signs to Look for in the Old System

When you notice the following issues, it’s time to invest in a system upgrade:

    • Crackling Speakers

No one wants to hear their favorite songs coming from fuzzy, distorted, crackling speakers. The speakers that come with many boats are merely standard issue. They don’t allow you to party like you’re meant to on sunny, warm boating days.

    • The Balance Is All Wrong

If your speakers are installed so that bass sounds come from the back and treble from the front, the music is distorted unless you sit directly in the middle of your boat. An imbalanced audio system is more painful to listen to than it is fun.

  • The System Is Obsolete

If your boat only has an input for a cassette or a CD, you’re missing out. Modern marine audio offers so many more convenient media options like integration with smartphones, Bluetooth and satellite radio, you won’t want to stick with your archaic model.

What to Look for in a New System

When you’re investing in a new system, look for these four features:

    • Clarity

Every component, from the receiver to the speakers, should be engineered for clarity. You want to hear the music above the wind and waves. You also need the sound to rise above the engine noise so you can hear your favorite track while the boat is in motion.

    • Durability

A marine audio system must be able to withstand wind, water and sun. It has to be waterproof, and it must be rust- and corrosion-resistant as well, so salt water doesn’t take a toll. Find a system that is UV-resistant too, so bright sunshine doesn’t cause damage.

    • Power

Designing a full marine audio system means engineering ways to incorporate more power. That may include adding another marine amplifier to your setup. Power is at the core of an impressive whole-boat sound.

  • Convenience

You can find a system with Bluetooth capability and hands-free controls. Stream music with the touch of a smartphone button. Or connect your phone or mp3 player via USB or AUX to charge and stream at the same time.

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