Motorcycle Audio System Buying Guide

When you are considering a motorcycle audio system upgrade, you are faced with virtually the same myriad of confusing choices you encounter when upgrading or replacing your car audio components.

But, on top of that, you have some additional challenges to consider, that are unique to bikes.

To get the ideal sound system with the features and functions you really want, consider these factors before you head out to the stereo shop. Ultimately, however, working with an experienced motorcycle audio installer is the best way to get the system you want at a price that won’t break the bank.

Utah motorcycle stereo installation

Consider Your Goals & Objectives for Your Motorcycle Audio System

The right type of audio components for your bike will depend on what you want to achieve with your sound system.

Do you drive your bike only on the weekend or for special outings, or do you use it as your primary form of transportation? Do you want true high-fidelity sound or would you be happy with slightly lower quality? How loud do you like to play your music and programming? Do you want to listen on the road or only while you’re parked? Do you want to be able to connect your electronic device to the system and stream content or play music from your phone?

Finally, what other functions would you like to have available? The sky’s the limit when designing your system so make a list of all the features you want before you start making decisions.

Consider Your Bike’s Specific Setup Challenges

There’s no denying that motorcycle audio systems can pose a number of logistical challenges. Without the myriad spots that cars and trucks have to stash speakers, amplifiers and other components, installing a motorcycle audio system requires careful planning and, in many cases, customized solutions.

In addition to finding creative placement options for speakers, amplifiers and supplemental battery power (if necessary), you will also have to consider the location of your controls. Most bike stereo installations incorporate simple handlebar controls but, depending on the type of system you install, you may want to consider alternative (or additional) control options, such as a touchscreen interface.

Consider the Unique Challenges that Motorcycle Sound Systems Face

The open-air nature of a motorcycle requires using audio system components designed to stand up to dust and moisture. In fact, sealed, waterproof components are usually imperative.

The other challenge to consider is the constantly fluctuating levels of noise you experience while riding. Fortunately, today’s high-tech digital sound processors can adjust your system’s tone and volume settings based on speed and other factors.

To ensure you get the system that suits your needs and your budget, trust the experts at Laketown Speed and Sound to help. We are based in Draper and, with a wealth of experience, our expert installers can work closely with you to design the ideal motorcycle audio system.