Motorhome Stereo Systems & Speakers on a Budget

When you spend a small fortune on an RV, you might expect your motorhome’s stereo system to be of at least decent quality. Unfortunately, RV manufacturers are notorious for sending motorhomes off the production line with extremely poor-quality sound systems.

Ask an RV owner and they’re likely to tell you that their factor stereo system was little more than an AM/FM radio and tiny speakers that remind them of tin cans on strings.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to upgrade your motorhome stereo system to incorporate clear, high-quality sound and the features you need in today’s high-tech world.

Motorhome stereo systems in Draper UT

The Sad State of OEM Motorhome Audio Systems

When you go in search of a new motorhome, the chances are good that you won’t be making any buying decisions based on the factory stereo system.

RV manufacturers understand this and, consequently, tend to skimp seriously on these features, choosing instead to spend money on flashier amenities and convenience features (flat screen TVs, for example). So, when you roll your new motorhome off the lot – even if it’s a Class A model – the chances are good that you’ll be disappointed with the stereo system.

Options for Upgrading Motorhome Audio Equipment

You have many options for improving the sound system in your RV, depending on your goals and your budget.

You may want to start by replacing your motorhome speakers with higher quality models. You may also want to add either coaxial or component speakers to your system, for a fuller, richer sound quality. If you enjoy strong bass, a subwoofer will provide the thump you need.

Replacing your head unit is also important, particularly if the factory equipment doesn’t have the range of features you want. You can choose a head unit with video touch screen, allowing you to add other functions now or in the future.

Finally, depending on the type of head unit you select, you may need a standalone amplifier. Some head units have onboard amplification. However, if you want clear, clean sound and the ability to crank up the volume, you’ll need more power than an onboard amp can provide.

Choosing a Motorhome Stereo Installation Expert

Although RVs are similar to passenger vehicles in many ways, their electronics are far more complex. For that reason, you need to find an installer who understands the correct way to design and install your new components.

You might think using a motorhome audio expert will increase your cost but, in almost every case, the opposite is true. Because they know what they’re doing, they can design a system that meets your needs while keeping the price down as much as possible.

In Draper, Laketown Speed and Sound is the locally owned and operated expert in RV audio and video systems. We also install onboard navigation systems, vehicle security systems, backup cameras and all types of aftermarket vehicle upgrades. Contact us today to design and install an affordable, high-quality motorhome stereo system for you.