Repairing Car Speakers: Is it Possible? 

You might think repairing car speakers is pointless, but you can potentially salvage them. However, it’s important to know when it’s worth it to make the repairs and when it’s time to simply replace them. It comes down to cost versus benefit, and that’s a decision our team can help you with.

Repairing Car Speakers

How to Tell Your Speakers Are Damaged

Fuzzing, hissing, static … these are all signs your speakers aren’t what they used to be. Rattling, popping or lack of vibration are also evidence your speakers have blown or become disconnected. If you’re having difficulty diagnosing which speaker or speakers are causing problems, bring your car to our shop and we can help.

How it Happens

Maybe the speaker received more power than it was capable of handling and wires or internal components burned or melted. Maybe the cone has moved out of position. Maybe speaker failed simply due to age.

When to Re-cone

Repairing is also known as re-coning. This process involves removing the voice coil, surround and cone and replacing them.

It’s possible to buy a kit and do the work yourself, but in many cases, it requires in-depth knowledge of a car’s electrical system. Most professionals recommend against DIY work for this type of job, especially if the speakers are vintage or expensive.

Replacing Speakers: Upgrade Your System

If your speakers are blown, you may want to upgrade the whole system. We can add subwoofers and boost amplifier power for a much-improved audio experience. If you’re concerned about the lack of sound quality in your car, why not get a quote and see if it’s an investment worth making?

You Deserve Nothing but the Best

From repairing car speakers to installing a new set, our Laketown Speed and Sound audio engineering staff is ready to create the sound you deserve in your vehicle. Car audio systems add value to your vehicle and enjoyment to your life. We can help balance and boost your system to reach its potential. Contact us today to get a free quote for repairs or upgrades for your vehicle!