RV Audio & Video Systems Trends You Need Now

RV audio and video systems let you make your home-away-from-home feel just a little more like home. 

Recent advances in both audio and video technology have not ignored the recreational vehicle market. In fact, we have many amazing options for making your camper, trailer, bus or other type of RV even better. If you’re an RV owner, you may well be interested in having something like one of these Custom rv garages built on your own property to house your pride and joy in.

The RV audio experts at Laketown Speed and Sound can help you design the perfect system for you. Our experienced installers will give you a professional result and a price that fits within your budget.

RV audio and video system upgrades you'll love right now

Audio Upgrades for Your RV

Your RV likely came from the factory with a basic sound system, as most do. However, these OEM systems rarely provide the power and sound quality that you’re looking for. 

Many recreational vehicle owners want sound options for use when driving, when relaxing in the living area, the bedroom, and for use outside. But, equally important, you need to have all the options that are important to you. 

Gone are the days when a CD player and AM/FM radio filled the bill. Today, RV owners want Bluetooth connectivity, interface options for their devices, streaming capability and satellite radio. 

Speaker systems are also moving into the future, with smaller, less obtrusive profiles and more mounting and installation options than ever before. If you want surround sound for watching movies, that’s definitely an option. High quality outdoor sound is another popular option when installing RV audio.

RV Video Systems You Can Take on the Road

Unless you go on the road to get away from devices and video screens, you’ll likely want to add one or more video systems to your vehicle. And, just as is the case with RV stereo systems and audio options, you’ll want all the usual suspects for your video system. You can add satellite, streaming video, Blu-Ray, DVD, gaming consoles or all of the above.

You can also add a security system for your RV as well as backup and perimeter cameras for added safety on the road.

Setting up Zones for RV Audio & Video Systems

You may want more than one system in your rig. If so, consider adding a controller that allows you to control multiple systems. This step isn’t usually a requirement. However, it provides one very important advantage: ease of use. Otherwise, you must learn each system’s operation and, most likely, juggle multiple remote controls.

The car audio experts at Laketown Speed and Sound can design your system with all the features and components you seek. Stop by our Draper location and let us show you just how amazing we can make your RV audio and video system, using today’s state-of-the-art technology and our extensive knowledge and experience.