Improving your car or truck’s automotive performance has been your goal for years, you just can’t seem to get around to installing that lift kit. You are ready to make the investment. You only need a qualified professional to help make your vision come to life.

Automotive performance modifications offer value and increase enjoyment. You don’t have to drive the factory-tuned version of your ride forever. You can make affordable, straightforward changes and see major improvement in vehicle handling and overall automotive performance, all without having to worry about failing EPA or Emissions legal testing. We always make sure your vehicle is in compliance with local and federal laws. Everything we sell is Street Legal, SAE and DOT approved and will meet all safety compliance regulations.

Expand Your Vehicle’s Potential and Improve your Driving Experience

Are you curious about what your vehicle could do, given the right automotive performance modifications? Upgrading certain parts of your car’s functionality will expand its potential and give you a more enjoyable driving experience. When you install street legal and SAE and DOT approved intake and exhaust systems or install a custom tune, your engine finally gets to perform at the maximum level for conditions specific to altitude, driving conditions and even added torque and performance for towing applications, fuel economy, or driving performance.

Make Modifications That Make Sense for The Salt Lake City Area

Suspension, lowering and lift kits all provide advantages that help you reach specific automotive performance goals. Get professional installation for strut bars and take the next high-speed turn with ease. Lower your car’s body for a sleek look and improved handling. Lift your suspension to improve your off-roading experience. Level your truck based on the type of load you plan on towing. Laketown Speed and Sound can handle every project with ease.

From Tires to Tuning

At Laketown Speed and Sound, we believe that improving speed and power requires a comprehensive approach. We pay attention to minor adjustments for major payoffs. Whether that means increasing wheel size through vehicle lifting or tuning vehicle computers to unlock additional horsepower, we don’t just make promises. We analyze the current performance of your vehicle and make a wide range of customized changes that produce awe-inspiring results.

Trust Our Team to Improve Your Automotive Performance

Not all automotive performance upgrades deliver the value they advertise, and sometimes that comes down to installation. It takes an experienced mechanic to know which modifications are fitting for a specific make and model. It also takes knowledge of laws and warranties to ensure the alterations don’t result in failed inspections, traffic tickets and voided manufacturer coverage.

If you haven’t spent much time under the hood, bring your vehicle to Laketown Speed and Sound in Draper, Utah. We will ask you about your goals and offer suggestions on parts and updates that will produce the desired result. If you trust us with your business, we will give your car or truck the special attention it needs to achieve the high-level performance you deserve. Our vehicle transformations are safe, and we proudly stand behind our car and truck transformations provided to drivers throughout the greater Salt Lake City area. We can’t wait for you to see, hear and experience the end result. Get a free estimate on your desired automotive performance upgrades today by visiting or calling Laketown Speed and Sound.