When you’re about to head out on the water for the weekend, one of the primary ingredients for a good time is a playlist filled with your favorite jams. Your boat’s audio system is seriously lacking depth and power, so you’ve been trucking along a separate speaker every time you hit the waves.

The same goes for camping trips, but your RV’s stereo system is outdated and useless, so you’re forced to bring along a radio and it’s just another item you have to remember to pack.

What if you had a revamped boat audio or RV audio system to help enhance relaxation and party time? Laketown Speed and Sound can install just such a system in your boat, RV, ATV, UTV or motorcycle. Whatever vehicle you use to have fun, you deserve a superior audio system for the best sound possible.

Sail the Seas in Style with Boat & RV Audio

It’s vital to have power and quality in a marine audio system. Music can easily get drowned out in the wind and waves. Also, a marine audio system has to be water-resistant or waterproof, UV ray-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It has to stand up to the natural elements while delivering a high-powered sound from many input options.

Have a Movie Night On Your Camping Trip

Your RV audio system has to support your need for tunes, but also integrate with your DVD system. It’s not out of the realm of possibility to have quality surround sound while you’re watching movies on rainy camping days. Laketown Speed and Sound of Draper, Utah can build a system that delivers in the greater Salt Lake City area.