Stages Involved in Upgrading Your Boat’s Audio System

Boating season can last virtually the entire year if you’re willing to travel a bit, and those who are serious about their boating vacations want the comprehensive experience. That means not only a high-performance boat and other comfort amenities, but also a sound system that can handle all your needs.

At Laketown Speed and Sound, we offer a wide range of boat and RV audio in addition to our car audio and stereo system installations. If you’re looking into upgrading your boat’s audio system, where should you start and what are some of the primary areas to consider? Here’s a basic primer on the steps to go through when leveling up your boat’s audio system.

stages upgrading boat’s audio system

Speaker Quality

Generally speaking, the first area to take a look at when it comes to upgrading the boat’s sound system is the kind of speakers currently being used. Boating is a practice that introduces plenty of noise pollution, plus some significant movement and wear-and-tear – you need speakers that can handle this kind of pressure without wearing down.

Not only do we offer high-quality speakers that will provide clear sound to cut through interference, we also offer protective elements for our marine speakers that keep them safe and functioning properly. These protective pieces do not impact the sound quality whatsoever, so don’t be concerned here. In addition, we also offer numerous additional speaker options that can be placed throughout the boat to provide the precise sound quality you’re looking for.

Subs and Amplifiers

Once you’ve ensured your system is being powered by the right kind of speakers, you can move to the power elements involved, namely your subwoofers and amplifiers. Subs provide the kind of bass power you need to be able to pick up lower notes on the water, while amps allow for higher volumes to be attained without stressing your other pieces of audio equipment. These are the elements you need to help your system achieve peak performance rather than topping out at levels below what you need.

Connectivity Features

Finally, in today’s modern world, what good is a boating sound system that can’t hook up to your devices? Luckily that’s not a concern either, as we offer several options when it comes to connecting your smartphone, tablet or other devices to the boat’s audio system. Bluetooth, satellite radio, AM and FM tuners, and even auxiliary inputs are standard features with our marine receivers and speaker systems. We’ll also help you understand any additional battery needs needed for your stereo system so you don’t overtax the boat’s battery.

For more on the stages of upgrading your boat’s audio system, or to learn about any of our car audio or window tinting services, speak to the staff at Laketown Speed and Sound today.