Subwoofers Add to Your Car Audio Experience

A subwoofer can optimize your car’s audio. It’s a valuable piece of stereo equipment, and when installed correctly, it can transform your listening experience!

Audio Experience

While you likely already know you need a subwoofer, wouldn’t you like to know how it will change your listening experience?

Achieve a More Balanced Sound

If you have a manufacturer’s stock stereo, the sound you’re getting isn’t that great (in the case of most models). Subwoofers are speakers dedicated to reproducing the low-frequency sounds needed for bass tones. When your sound doesn’t include the augmentation of all the bass notes, you only hear higher-pitched tones and miss out on a quality listening experience.

Not only are subwoofers able to offer a more realistic representation of music, they also allow car owners to customize the frequency range. You’re able to take the pressure off other speakers that are attempting to filter sounds in the bass range, ensuring proper enhancement of all tones, instead of overloading one speaker with all frequencies.

Every aspect of your car’s audio system can then perform at a higher level.

In addition, subwoofers can offer the listener a better audio experience in the context of their car’s interiors. Stock speaker placement can be less than optimal, further taking away from the system’s performance. By adding subwoofers in the right position, you can balance out the sound and achieve a better result.

Resist Speaker Damage

Here’s another benefit of adding a subwoofer: Your speakers won’t be subjected to as much wear and tear. It doesn’t make sense to upgrade the rest of your speakers if you still aren’t going to provide them the support of the subwoofer — they’ll be taxed by trying to do the job of the subwoofer and could sustain damage as a result.

Don’t Be Fooled: It’s About More Than the Woofer

Any speakers, including subwoofers, are only as effective as the power they’re supplied with. That’s why a comprehensive car audio update includes the installation of an amplifier as well. How much power does your system need?

It’s a question our experts can answer. We can also offer plenty of recommendations for individual components that work together to achieve the result you envision.

Why You Should Depend on an Expert

Updating car audio involves a complete design and tuning process, not just the purchase of individual components. That’s why Laketown Speed and Sound is your best resource in your effort to upgrade vehicle sound. We do more than put parts in your car — we create the ideal listening experience. Call today for a free quote!