Summer Window Tint Benefits: Comfort, Privacy, Security

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the specific summer-focused benefits of window tint on vehicle windows. While tinted windows benefit you in several ways throughout the year, the hot summer offers a few particular instances where having this feature installed in your car makes for a much safer and more comfortable – and even sometimes more affordable – driving experience.

At Laketown Speed and Sound, we’re here to provide high-quality window tinting services to numerous clients, including those looking to install them this summer to receive all their hot-weather benefits. What are some of the other top plusses that come with window tinting during the hottest parts of the Utah summer? Here are a few more to consider.

summer window tint benefits

Child and Pet Comfort

One situation that becomes much more common for those with children during the summer: The kids’ presence in the car. Kids aren’t in school every day anymore, and while there are certainly other programs they may take part in, such as summer camps, the reality is that many parents spend far more time with their children during the summer – including often having to lug them around for various errands or other trips in the car.

And in these situations, along with those where pets are present in the car, window tint holds particular summer benefits. It keeps the car much more comfortable for kids, first of all, which makes them less likely to begin climbing the walls during a long drive or a set of errands. For dogs, especially those with heavy fur, tinted windows and the cooler temperatures they offer can make a huge difference.


Speaking of kids, pets or anything else you might be lugging around on your daily errands during the summer: Window tint helps keep them private and protected. It’s far harder to see into your vehicle when your windows are tinted, and this sort of protection may benefit you in several ways, including keeping your kids safe.

Summer Security Themes

Down similar lines, it’s important to talk about window tint and vehicle security. To be clear, there’s no specific difference between a vehicle break-in or theft attempt in the summer versus winter; both will happen in similar ways. However, it’s a simple reality that during the warmer parts of summer, more people are out and about – including, unfortunately, the kinds of dishonest people who would attempt to steal or burglarize your vehicle.

If you have tinted windows, however, your car becomes far less of a target. Prospective criminals can’t see in to determine if there are valuable items to steal, plus might not be able to get a read for how easy it will be to attempt to hotwire the car if they can’t see inside easily enough.

For more on the benefits of window tint during the summer months, or to learn about any of our other car audio or automotive performance services, speak to the staff at Laketown Speed and Sound today.