Top Automotive Accessories for Vehicle Safety, Part 1

At Laketown Speed and Sound, safety and security are some of our top priorities while providing services to your vehicle. From our automotive security products to numerous aftermarket automotive accessories, many of which improve vehicle safety features, we have you covered if you’re looking to make your car not only more stylish and modern, but also safer.

In today’s modern world, there are so many potential parts or additions to a vehicle that it can be head-spinning to wade through all of them. With this in mind, this two-part blog series will dig into several of the accessories or add-ons that are best for making your vehicle safer and more convenient to operate, from some of the basic areas you’d expect to a few others you may not have considered as closely.

automotive accessories vehicle safety

Car Alarm System

Atop our list for somewhat obvious reasons, a car’s alarm system is the first and most prominent line of defense against burglars, thieves and others who might have nefarious goals in mind when it comes to your vehicle. And while most modern vehicles will come with alarm systems already outfitted, there are several additions that can be made.

In addition, there are some older vehicles that have inadequate or even nonexistent alarm systems. In these cases, adding a system that’s configured properly – not too sensitive, not too loose – will provide enormous security value to the owner. Our systems include not only traditional noise elements, but also light and other notifiers to help make any issue obvious to those in the area.

Remote Start

Another fantastic tool for vehicle safety, both from unscrupulous individuals and unsafe driving conditions, is remote start capability. For one, it allows you to start the car without actually leaving your keys in it, which cuts off one common avenue thieves have for attempting to steal cars (they look for people who have left their keys in the ignition, even for a moment, and simply take off).

In addition, however, remote start features are enormously valuable for driving safety. This is particularly true during a Utah winter, where ice and snow commonly build up on vehicles – remote start allows you to warm the vehicle up and ensure windshields and windows are completely clear before driving. This warmth also can extend to tires and other vehicle areas impacted by ice, making your driving periods far safer.

GPS Tracker

Not only are GPS trackers installed in the vehicle a much safer method of navigating while driving than using a cell phone in your lap, they also offer long-term vehicle security. They allow users to download a basic phone app that connects to the vehicle’s GPS, meaning if your car happens to be stolen, you can use the app to keep tabs on where the vehicle is at any given time.

For more on the top automotive safety accessories to consider, or to learn about any of our car stereo installations, window tinting or other services, speak to the staff at Laketown Speed and Sound today.