Update Your Boat Audio for Summer!

Your boat audio is an important part of your wave-surfing experience. When you’re cracking open a cold one and relaxing in the sun with your family and friends, the setting isn’t complete without feel-good tunes in the background.

update your boat audio

It’s probably hard to picture doing any of that right now when you’re surrounded by harsh Utah winter weather, but summer is just around the corner, so now is the time to upgrade your boat audio. 

It’s a Drastic Difference

You will be shocked at the difference in sound quality. When you’re transitioning from a stock system or a Bluetooth speaker to built-in, high-end boat audio, it’s a transformative change. Instead of the engine and the waves drowning out the music, the sound cuts through all that noise as clear as day.

Durability Means a Higher Return on Investment

Also, professional-grade speakers and components are more durable. They are built to withstand salt water and sun. If you’re working with a Bluetooth speaker that isn’t designed for the water, you’re probably constantly trying to protect against splashes, and that doesn’t make for a fun experience.

It’s a Worthwhile Expense … And Might Be More Affordable Than You Think!

It can be tempting to try to upgrade your boat’s audio components yourself, but consider the value of having a professional handle the job. Your audio will be perfectly integrated with your other boat systems and there won’t be any missteps in wiring that affect navigation or lights. When you’re in DIY-mode, this isn’t a guarantee unless you’re experienced with projects like this.

Before you write this project off as too expensive, come into Laketown Speed and Sound for a quote. It’s likely that transforming your boat’s stereo system is more affordable than you might guess!

Also, think of the value a professional upgrade can offer. Whether you’re trying to impress your guests or looking to sell before summer, it’s a great feature to add.

Get a Quote from Laketown Today

Ready to redo your boat audio before summer? Call Laketown Speed and Sound today and beat the rush. You can tell us what you’re looking for — more balance? More power? Both? Give us your feedback and vision for what you’d like to see, and our audio technicians will get to work.

With the right skills, plenty of experience and most importantly, an ear for quality sound, Laketown Speed and Sound is the best installer around and the expert you want working on your watercraft. Get your free quote today!