Boat Speaker Sound Quality Matters

In our last blog post, we went over some of the important technical differences between boat and car speakers. Knowing these differences helps boat owners understand what types of audio systems are appropriate for their boats. Today, we’re going to talk about the sound quality you should expect from your boat speakers.

boat speaker sound

Boat Stereos Have Specific Audio Requirements

Nobody who plans to be out on the water all day fishing, waterskiing or just relaxing wants to put on their favorite music only to find out they can barely hear it. When you buy the right boat speakers for your vessel, this won’t happen.

Car stereo systems only need to be powerful enough for you to hear the music inside the car. It’s usually pretty easy to hear your car stereo, even on the highway with the windows down. In fact, if your car speakers are too powerful, it can be difficult to contain the music inside the car.

But boat speakers are different. Marine speakers must be able to rise above ambient noise concerns such as waves lapping against the boat, high winds and the roar of the boat’s engine.

To contend with all this background noise and produce music that boaters and their passengers can hear, boat speakers project the sound differently. At the same time, they’re designed to allow listeners to be able to hear the music clearly without needing to turn the volume up to 10.

Boat Speakers Transmit Sound Differently

Along with overcoming background noise, marine speakers must meet other challenges as well.

For instance, if you and your family and friends enjoy waterskiing, wakeboarding or tubing, you know it can be hard to hear the music behind the boat. Laketown Speed and Sound sells boat speakers that are specially designed to entertain those participating in water sports by projecting sound in a wider arc.

When you shop at Laketown Speed and Sound, you’re investing in speakers that will maximize the fun for every member of your party, whether on the boat or behind it.

Marine Speakers Are Built Differently

Most car speaker manufacturers use paper cones to create their soundwaves. These would not work in a boat, since boat speakers can get wet. In fact, even dampness can negatively impact the sound in car speakers. Marine speakers instead have to be made with special, waterproof plastic cones in order to get the (safe) volume that you need out on the lake.

Knowledgeable boat owners from all over Utah trust Laketown Speed and Sound to install the right speakers for their boats. Just look at our testimonials! Come talk to the experienced techs at Laketown to make sure you will get the best sound quality on your boating trips.