Can You Put Car Speakers in a Boat? (Spoiler Alert: No.)

While many of us consider ourselves proficient in or knowledgeable about car stereo installation, boat stereo installation is an entirely different beast. There is much to consider regarding boat stereos that even car stereo enthusiasts wouldn’t always remember to think about. That’s why boat owners in Draper and throughout the Wasatch Front turn to Laketown Speed and Sound for boat stereo sales and installations.

If you’re tempted to try to repurpose old car speakers as boat speakers, try to resist – they weren’t meant for the job and will not hold up to the elements. Boat speakers must survive much harsher conditions than car speakers. These include:

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1. Humidity

Boat speakers need to withstand a humid atmosphere. Speakers not especially designed for this environment may warp, causing the sound to become distorted. Car speakers enjoy a temperature-controlled environment.

2. Dampness

Wiring for boat audio installation must be covered in a waterproof material to ensure nothing goes haywire if it gets wet. Car wires aren’t exposed to water (hopefully), so a waterproof sealant is not necessary.

3. Salty Air

When you’re boating in Utah, salt can be a concern, since the Great Salt Lake is such a huge draw. Salty air can promote corrosion of speaker components, but boat speakers are built to stand up to a salty environment. In fact, they are often made of stainless steel as a precaution against rust. With car speakers, you don’t have to worry about corrosion, so they are made of different materials.

4. Heat

Boat speakers also need to be able to tolerate long exposures to heat and direct sunlight, as well as sudden changes in temperature. Ultraviolet rays from the sun beating down on your speakers can make parts of the speaker softer, and weaken the adhesives holding the plastic and rubber components together. Most cars get some shade, especially if the windows are tinted.

Get Your Boat Speakers at Laketown

Laketown Speed and Sound understands what marine speakers need to be able last for many years. We install boat speakers with marine-grade plastic which can not only endure direct sunlight all day, but also withstand cold, salty spray – all without suffering any damage.

Boat owners in and around Draper turn to Laketown Speed and Sound for our expertise – we want you to enjoy your favorite music on your boat for years to come, whether you’re fishing, participating in water sports or just enjoying a fun afternoon on the Great Salt Lake, Utah Lake or another one of the beautiful bodies of water we have here in the Intermountain West.

Count on Laketown Speed and Sound for high-quality marine audio installation.