3 Custom Motorcycle Audio System Components You Need Now

Custom motorcycle audio systems aren’t what they used to be, that’s for sure. In fact, technological advances in audio technology have made significant strides in just the past few years.

So whether you installed your bike’s audio system years ago or you’ve got a new bike to trick out from somewhere like cleanharleys.com, you’ll have lots of fun choosing your system design and components. It doesn’t matter whether you have an older bike or a new custom Harley – you deserve more than factory sound.

Start with these three custom motorcycle audio system components, and from there, the sky’s the limit for your bike.

3 Custom Motorcycle Audio System Components You Need Now

No. 1: Motorcycle Speakers

You don’t need good speakers for your bike’s audio system – you need great speakers.

Don’t leave the obvious challenges that must be overcome (vibration, weather, engine and road noise) to just any motorcycle speakers. You can choose from motorcycle speakers for your helmet or the more popular handlebar version, but don’t forget about rear speakers if you want a full audio experience.

Be prepared to allocate a significant amount of power to your new speakers if you want great sound at highway speeds.

No. 2: Motorcycle or Powersports Subwoofer

What is a custom motorcycle sound system without a subwoofer, after all?

The challenge with adding a subwoofer (and even rear speakers, truth be told) is figuring out how and where to mount them. We can design a system that puts both components in your saddlebags, and we’ll make sure it looks as good as it sounds with custom lids or whatever style installation you prefer.

No. 3: Amplifier

We have a wide variety of powersports amplifiers that pack the power you need into a compact, low-profile design.

If you opt for the subwoofer, you’ll probably need a second amp to power it. This may call for adding a second battery to your bike, so you never have to worry about having plenty of juice.

We can design a bigger mount for your second battery too, so your system installation looks as good as it sounds.

You may also need a new head unit, or if you prefer, a dock that lets you use your smartphone as your audio source. Of course, you could always choose the best of both worlds and go with a head unit that also has Bluetooth, auxiliary and USB connectivity.

At Laketown Speed and Sound, we provide our customers with innovative solutions for all their audio needs with quality and affordable pricing you’ll be hard-pressed to beat. We’re known throughout northern Utah for our exceptional customer service and we always go the extra mile to ensure we provide the highest quality installation.

When you’re ready to make your bike sound as good as it looks, stop in and see us at Laketown Speed and Sound. We will help you create the custom motorcycle audio system you’ve been dreaming of.