Car Audio and Road Trips: Why Your Utah Stereo Quality Matters

For those who regularly use their vehicles for longer road trips and similar kinds of adventures, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. One that’s valuable for both practical and comfort themes: Ensuring your car stereo system is properly outfitted for any major car trip you’re planning.

At Laketown Speed and Sound, we’re proud to provide a wide range of car audio and stereo upgrade services to clients throughout Utah, including those ideal for vehicle owners who are looking to optimize their in-car audio for road trips. Why is proper audio so important for a road trip, and what are some upgrades — both audio and otherwise — that we offer for these kinds of excursions? Here’s a primer.

car audio road trips

Why Car Audio Matters on a Road Trip

When you know you’ll be spending several hours consecutively in the car, it’s important to plan ahead for what you’ll listen to. This is especially true if you’re driving alone, but can also apply to groups of people who are traveling together in a number of different vehicles. By ensuring your car audio system has been upgraded or refurbished, you’ll likely enjoy several benefits on your road trip:

  • Improved sound quality, with the opportunity to listen to your favorite songs in car audio’s highest fidelity.
  • Tighter bass response during your trip, whether you’re listening to music or engaging in conversation.
  • Ability to connect to and interface with multiple devices (including smartphones, tablets and GPS units) for additional entertainment options.
  • Potential to use your speakers as an amplifier for other devices if you’re traveling with less-than-optimum sound systems.

Options like these will ideally allow you to enjoy your road trip more fully by better enveloping yourself in the sounds of the open road.

In addition, it’s important to note that car audio systems can deteriorate in quality over time — and over a period of hours listening to the same audio feed, this sort of thing will be very noticeable. Upgrades to your system, however, remove these risks.

Our next several sections will go over some of the top audio upgrades you might consider before a major road trip.

New Stereo

For those looking to revamp their entire in-car audio system, upgrades are available for your car’s head unit (e.g., the stereo/radio/CD player), speakers, amplifier and subwoofer — in addition to any wiring you might need to ensure they’re all properly connected. We have a wide range of new stereos for car, each incorporating bells and whistles specific to your vehicle and your preferences.

Replacement Speakers

When you’re looking to upgrade speakers, replacing them with higher-quality models can be a great idea for road trips. This is true of new car speakers of all types: component sets (which include tweeters and woofers), coaxials (full range drivers) and subwoofers. We’ll help you make the right choice between these various options.

To learn more about the various audio upgrades we’ll offer you ahead of a road trip, or for info on any of our automotive services in Utah, speak to the staff at Laketown Speed and Sound today.