Car Audio and Road Trips: Options for Upgrades

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on car audio upgrades for your vehicle ahead of a road trip. Road trips make audio quality all the more important, and there are a few basic changes you might consider making to improve your system ahead of a big trip.

At Laketown Speed and Sound, we’re happy to offer a variety of car audio upgrade services to any client in need, including for those who want to optimize their system ahead of a road trip. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll go over a few of the other top upgrades you might consider plus a quick word on a few other automotive services we offer that you might enjoy in this same realm.

car audio road trips upgrades

Upgraded Amplifier

The amplifier is responsible for taking your car audio system’s power and converting it into the proper signal your speakers can handle. Crucially, this component of your system doesn’t have a maximum capacity — meaning you can always get more power out of it by upgrading to a higher-quality model.

Some upgrade options include multi-channel amps for speaker sets with additional drivers (e.g., coaxials or component sets) and single-channel amps for those with well-performing speakers already installed. Additionally, you can also upgrade your amp by pairing it with a new subwoofer — this is ideal if you want to bump up the bass sounds during your trip.

Subwoofer Improvements

In addition, it’s also possible to upgrade your subwoofer’s efficiency with a higher-quality amp. This can lead to enhanced power and sensitivity for improved sound quality; this means you’ll be able to take advantage of car audio formats like hi-definition Radio Data System (RDS) when they’re available.

In other cases, you’ll want an upgraded subwoofer purely for lower notes — if you’re planning on listening to a lot of hip-hop, rap or other music with a heavy emphasis on bass sounds. This is a particularly great choice for those who think they’ll be taking part in an activity outside their car at some point during the trip — this way, you’ll never miss some of your favorite songs while enjoying activities like hiking, biking and more.

Other Road Trip Upgrades

While audio upgrades are some of our specialties at Laketown Speed and Sound, there are also several other automotive services we offer that tend to be ideal for long road trips, including:

  • Tinted windows: When you’re driving for extended periods of time, tinted windows can be a huge help in easing your eyes and allowing you to focus on the road. They effectively reduce glare from the sun — thereby improving your vision at night or under harsh weather conditions like rain or snow.
  • Automotive security: If you’re taking your car on a long road trip, it’s advisable to install security devices like alarms or tracking systems. This will allow you to rest easy knowing that your vehicle is safe during the entire journey.
  • Remote start capability: When you’re driving long distances, it’s advisable to make your trips as short as possible — this is why remote starts are so valuable. They allow you to essentially start your car while still in the safety of your house or apartment, allowing it to heat up on cold mornings before you get in.

For more on the various car audio upgrades you should consider ahead of a road trip, or to learn about any of our car audio, window tinting or other services, speak to the staff at Laketown Speed and Sound today.