Picture your windows down and the volume cranked up while you cruise around on a weekend afternoon. You don’t want to hear whiny, buzzing speakers that can’t handle the bass. You want crystal clear, powerful sound – it enhances the experience.

Upgrading your car audio won’t only pay off on the weekend. It will make your everyday driving more convenient and pleasurable. Why settle for subpar when you can affordably update your vehicle’s audio so it delivers a high-quality, stand-out listening experience? With the right systems, speakers and the skill for efficient installs, Laketown Speed and Sound can boost your car audio and create the balanced, superior sound you’re looking for.

Upgrade Your Sound With Better Car Audio

Upgrading your car audio system starts with replacing your stock head unit with a high-level stereo unit. Stock units don’t offer crisp sound – how could they, since they’re made with the cheapest materials possible? An aftermarket unit is constructed with care and specifically designed to deliver quality car audio. That’s what you want.

Next, the technicians at Laketown Speed and Sound assess your car’s speakers, subwoofers and add amplifiers if necessary. We can replace inferior products with components that will match your new stereo unit’s capabilities and create premium results.

Update Your Car Audio Technology

When you’re upgrading your entire car audio system, it makes sense to splurge on the extra technological features. It might seem like a minor detail, but at Laketown Speed and Sound we know the details are what set first-class systems apart.

For example, wouldn’t it make your life easier to just switch on your smartphone’s Bluetooth and have it automatically sync to your stereo? Eliminate the cords and connections that only clog up your dashboard and connect your Android or Apple phone with ease when we install car audio units with smartphone integration included.

Isn’t it frustrating to depend on cell signal for GPS directions? Including a navigation system can help you preserve phone data and get to where you’re going on time.

Car audio units no longer do one thing only. They provide a whole range of useful services and you shouldn’t miss out. Use technological advancements to your advantage and let Laketown Speed and Sound install systems that maximize efficiency and reduce frustration.

Professional Installation Saves Salt Lake City Drivers Time & Money

Don’t fall for the myth that car audio installations are easy DIY projects – they are anything but. In today’s modern cars, electronics play a significant role. Configuring a vehicle’s computer is not a task that an amateur can take on and succeed at on the first try. Crossing wires and making incorrect connections won’t only result in a non-functional car audio system. Mistakes can completely destroy your vehicle’s computer.

When you trust a professional car audio installation company like Laketown Speed and Sound, you receive detailed attention from a team of trained industry professionals. The project is completed on time, saving you long weekend afternoons you would otherwise spend poring over your car’s owner’s manual.

You have a team of highly-capable individuals at your disposal, and we are ready to listen to your desires and make them a reality. You can leave the technical aspects to us and enjoy the final product: a first-rate car audio system that amazes all of your passengers and makes you appreciate your ride more every day. Contact Laketown Speed and Sound of Draper, Utah, the premier car audio specialists of the greater Salt Lake City area, and get a free quote for your project.