Car maintenance and vehicle upgrades are expensive, or so you thought. If you depend on Laketown Speed and Sound for quality aftermarket parts for your vehicle, you’ll soon change your mind. We carry a wide selection of products for any car audio or automotive performance upgrade and we stand behind the excellence of each.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Quality for Price in Salt Lake City

Original engine manufacturer (OEM) parts have their advantages. You feel safe with a manufacturer’s warranty and you know exactly what you’re getting. But you’re missing out on so much when you take the well-traveled road.

Aftermarket parts are engineered for high performance. The previous weaknesses are addressed and even though you do not see the manufacturer’s name on the part, it may be superior to an original part. Aftermarket parts boast a more competitive price. When you purchase from a trusted installer like Laketown Speed and Sound of Draper, Utah, you get the best deal in the greater Salt Lake City area and you know that you are getting a quality part as well – we don’t sell and install subpar aftermarket parts.

Source Your Aftermarket Parts from Our Trusted Brands

We have a large selection because we know that no two customers are the same. What you are striving for in terms of automotive performance or sound quality could be extremely different than the next car owner that walks through our doors. That’s why we ensure we have the necessary variety in stock – you get options.

We offer specialized, professional advice personalized to your vehicle’s make and model. We help you understand the pros and cons to every purchase. We want you to walk away knowing that you have taken advantage of the best that aftermarket parts can offer for your vehicle. From replacement parts to customizations, trust Laketown Speed and Sound to find the components you need and want.