Automotive security isn’t only for people who live in a high-crime neighborhood. Your car could be stolen or broken into anywhere, anytime. Installing a vehicle security system is the top way you can discourage thieves and protect valuable items like your stereo, speakers and belongings. Automotive security is a must for car owners who customize and car for their ride.

Do I Still Need a Car Alarm in Salt Lake City?

The good news? Motor vehicle theft rates are slowly dropping. When 2014 crime statistics are compared to data from 2005, motor vehicle theft rates have gone down 44.2 percent. This could be attributed to many causes, but one primary reason is that modern vehicles are more difficult to steal. From immobilizer systems to GPS tracking, life is a bit more challenging for the average car thief.

The bad news? A significant number of automobiles are still stolen each year. In 2014, 689,527 motor vehicles were stolen in the U.S. It’s still a threat, but it’s preventable when you arm your car like you would your home. These statistics don’t include all the times cars are broken into and items are stolen. A car alarm that augments your vehicle’s current features is ideal and offers another layer of protection that can make all the difference.

You can also find an automotive security system that goes beyond offering basic vehicle protections and provides many additional benefits as well. For instance, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to start your car without stepping foot outdoors in extreme temperatures? Wouldn’t it be convenient to lock or unlock all four doors with the click of a remote? You can get an automotive security system that improves functionality of your vehicle as well.

Expert Installation Makes the Difference for Automotive Security

Because an automotive security system usually involves altering or adding to the wiring in your vehicle, it’s wise to have a professional handle the project.

An amateur with no experience could install a system that may work, but work too well. An overly sensitive car alarm can be a major annoyance. On the other hand, an alarm system with loose connections might not work when you need it to, then your money has gone to waste. It’s worth it to pay a professional who will spend the time required in order to get the project done right.

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