All About Car Audio Amplifiers 

Car audio amplifiers are a key piece of a sound system, but many vehicle owners aren’t fully aware of their power or how they work.

Don’t blame your speakers if you have subpar sound in your vehicle — it’s more likely that the built-in, stock amplifier isn’t providing the boost your sound needs to deliver the quality you want.

Car audio amplifiers are a key piece of a sound system, but many vehicle owners aren’t fully aware of their power or how they work. 

What Do Car Audio Amplifiers Do?

Since you don’t see car audio amplifiers, maybe you don’t realize how integral they are to your sound system. In the simplest terms, amplifiers do exactly what their name suggests — they make small sounds bigger and louder. Amplifiers transfer electrical signals to a specific wattage that allows other components of a car audio system, like a subwoofer and speakers, to perform better.

What to Know

Before you decide on an amplifier, consider the number of speakers you have in your car. More speakers mean you’ll need an amplifier with more channels.

You’ll also need to think about the system as a whole before you choose an amplifier based on its specs. Many experts recommend choosing speakers first, as this will determine the amount of wattage you’ll be looking for from an amplifier. You want to at least meet or even exceed wattage demand.

Preparing for an Amplifier Installation

One of the most important parts of this project is deciding where to place the car audio amplifier. An expert will tell you it’s best to put it at least 3 feet from the receiver to avoid interference. It also needs plenty of ventilation to avoid overheating.

The installation process is highly technical, and an in-depth knowledge of wiring is required to complete it successfully. From setting up power and signal cables to grounding the amplifier properly, make sure you are fully aware of the extent of the process before you begin.

Why a Pro Is Best for the Job

At Laketown Speed and Sound, we don’t frown on car owners who make the effort to upgrade their car audio on their own! In fact, we love to offer tips to help make your projects successful.

At the same time, we can certainly help ensure the final result is the best it can be. After all, we have the years of training and experience needed to comprehensively and efficiently assess your system’s weaknesses, install the right components for an amazing upgrade and tune it to perfection.

Car audio amplifiers can seem like a puzzle to be solved, but that’s a skill we excel at! Get a free quote for your system from Laketown Speed and Sound today. Good sound doesn’t have to be outside of your price range. We make it possible!