3 Primary Components of Car Audio Systems

If you still remember the days when car audio systems consisted of an AM/FM radio and two tiny, tinny speakers, you’re going to love today’s advanced sound system technology.

Although technology has brought a host of space-age functionality to car stereo systems, the basic structure hadn’t changed much. When you come in to Laketown Speed and Sound to design your new aftermarket car audio system, we will begin by helping you choose these 3 primary components for your vehicle.

Car Audio Components

No. 1: The Head Unit, aka the Brains of Your Car Stereo System

The car audio industry has progressed most substantially when it comes to head unit design. Today, you can choose from hundreds of options designed to give you what you want from your system.


Satellite radio, streaming audio, video, DVD, GPS and device integration are all available. You can choose a head unit that allows you to dock your devices or connect using Bluetooth technology.


The quality of your system is driven by the head unit, so choose wisely and you’ll be able to achieve whatever you desire with your car stereo system.


No. 2: The Amplifier, aka the Signal Booster for Car Audio

Head units simply don’t generate that much power so, if you run directly from the head unit to the speakers, you won’t be able to play your car stereo at more than a moderate volume. You can remedy this problem by adding an amplifier to your system.


Amplifiers boost the sound from the head unit and send it on to the speakers, allowing the speakers to emit the full sound they’re capable of. Depending on your car’s configuration, you may be able to add a small amp behind the dash. Otherwise, if you want a stronger power boost, you can choose a more powerful amplifier.

The installer will select an appropriate location in your vehicle to mount the amplifier so it’s out of the way but still able to provide the sound amplification you want.


No. 3: The Speakers, aka the Car Audio Sound Delivery Mechanism

Without speakers, you’ll never hear anything from your system. Speakers work by converting electrical impulses into sound waves but they don’t all accomplish this task in the same way.

For a full range of sound, choose coaxial speakers. These all-around speakers don’t provide the same richness as you will experience with component speakers, however. Component speakers – woofers, tweeters and mid-range – provide a more robust sound. Or, if you’re a true audiophile, subwoofers and super tweeters provide an even richer sound quality. 

The problem with component speakers is that they all require mounting room. If you don’t have a lot of room to accommodate components, you’ll still get a great experience by going with coax speakers.

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