4 Car Audio Myths Debunked

Enhancing your car audio may be your dream, but the details can bog you down.

YouTube videos can make it seem like an easy weekend project to simply re-wire and upgrade your car audio system. And if you hear some of the common myths, you may worry the project isn’t even worth it. Or maybe some clerks at a car parts store gave you some misinformation that discouraged you.

Car Audio Myths

We’re here to debunk popular misconceptions about car audio and encourage you to make the upgrades you want! And remember, with our help, you can keep your weekend for yourself while we handle the car audio installation and tuning.

Myth #1: There’s No Point in Enhancing My Audio System Because of Road Noise

Why bother enhancing car audio if I’m just going to take the top off my Jeep or roll the roof back on my convertible? Won’t this ruin the effect of audio updates?

No, not if you have an experienced technician handling your install.

The three essential components — a subwoofer, tweeters and an amplifier — give you a full, rounded sound that’s complete and powerful, without any distortion. When you depend on us to masterfully design and balance your system, you’ll hear your favorite tunes at crystal-clear levels, even while you’re driving at highway speeds with the wind in your hair.

Myth #2: You Have to Break in Subwoofers Before They Sound Good

Your friend just installed their own subwoofer and you cringe every time you get into their car. But they tell you not to worry — it’s just because their subwoofer needs to be broken in.

Don’t believe it! While it’s true that subwoofers have to mechanically “break in,” this doesn’t take weeks — it takes minutes! If the subwoofer doesn’t add to car audio quality immediately, something is off with the design and tuning. It’s human error, and it won’t magically get better with time.

Myth #3: Adding Another Battery Will Help My System

You may worry about how the increase in car audio power will affect your alternator. Should you install an extra battery to take the pressure off? It seems sensible, right?

Wrong. An extra battery will only drain your alternator more, because the second battery will need to be charged while the first is being used.

Myth #4: There Is No Room in My Car for a Subwoofer

Don’t give up so easily! Even the most compact vehicles can have enhanced audio. We can help you find products that fit your make and model and function efficiently with your car’s power capabilities.

We Get It

Car audio is our specialty. We’ve helped hundreds of car owners enhance their audio, and we’ll do the same for you. Contact Laketown Speed and Sound today and get a free quote for your car.