5 Reasons Upgrading Your Headlights to LEDs Is a Good Idea

Upgrading your headlights to LEDs is popular because you can change the look of your car fast, for an affordable price. LED technology has advanced quickly in recent years, and consumers are opting for this type of headlight more often.

Upgrading Your Headlights to LEDs

Why upgrade your headlights?

1. They’re More Durable

LEDs are solid-state lighting options. Unlike traditional headlights, there are no bulbs or filaments to worry about. Where pot holes and bumps could be disastrous for your old headlights, your LEDs will remain intact.

They’re a sturdier, longer-lasting, more dependable headlight option.

2. They’re More Fuel-Efficient

Vehicles have a growing number of electronic components, all of which place a strain on the alternator and battery. LED headlights operate at more than 80 percent efficiency, requiring much less energy from your car. Ultimately, this leads to better overall engine performance when it comes to fuel efficiency.

3. No Maintenance — No Problem

It’s inconvenient to replace headlight bulbs all the time. Visiting the auto repair shop, looking for the right bulb and successfully installing it can take hours. This is extremely rare when you have LED headlights. One LED headlight lasts longer than 300 incandescent headlights.

4. Less Driving Fatigue

Do you have a lot of ground to cover late at night? Reduce your risk of fatigue and avoid falling asleep at the wheel with LED headlights.

Upgrading your headlights to LEDs helps you stay alert because the color temperature of LEDs matches the color temperature of daylight. Your brain interprets color temperature and tells your body whether it’s time to rest or not.

If you depend on LEDs, you’re less likely to experience driving fatigue because your body won’t be getting signals to sleep.

5. It’s the Environmentally Friendly Option

Unlike halogen, incandescent and HID headlights, LEDs don’t contain any mercury or lead. And they’re recyclable. By opting for LED, you’re doing your part to reduce hazardous chemical pollution, protecting the environment and the people who live in it.

We’ve Got You Covered

Upgrading your headlights is easy when Laketown Speed and Sound handles the job. You could try to do it yourself, but wiring projects can quickly become more complicated than you’d expect. Save your day off for relaxation, and bring your vehicle in to our team for a fast LED headlight upgrade. Call us today for a free quote. We’ve got you covered!