What to Look for in an ATV Audio System

An ATV audio system can make your next weekend out on the trails more fun than ever. Installing a sound system in your off-road vehicle lets you play the latest hits and your favorite playlists while you ride.

atv audio

But before you pick just any old set of speakers, learn more about what you should look for in an ATV audio system.


The roar of the motor while you’re zipping around curves on the trail or gunning it up a dune will drown out a weak set of speakers. The best ATV sound is powerful. It needs to project so that you and your passengers can hear every frequency from treble to bass. Otherwise, it’s just extra noise.


You should look for a system that allows you to hook up your smartphone or mp3 player via Bluetooth. Fewer wires means less clutter. Wireless connectivity is also more convenient, since you’re able to pause and play as soon as you rev up your engine.

Regardless of whether you go wireless or install a stereo with an Aux cable, think about functionality. If you have a remote installed that controls the audio source, you don’t have to hold your smartphone to change the song. You can hit the skip button if it’s installed right next to your handlebars. It’s safer and easier to listen to the songs you like.


Your off-road vehicle takes a beating, and your ATV audio system has to be able to as well. You should invest in components designed for rough weather, such as waterproof marine products.


You can’t install an ATV audio system that’s too heavy, or else it will affect your vehicle’s performance. Find lightweight products that still provide the quality sound you’re looking for and you’ll have found the perfect balance. Then they must be installed so as not to interfere with the vehicle’s ergonomics.

Invest in a Professional’s Touch

Designing an ATV stereo system isn’t easy for an amateur. The speakers’ positioning, the correct level of amplification and the wiring challenges involved take time to plan and execute. It’s best completed by a professional technician with the right training and tools.

Laketown Speed and Sound offers professional off-road vehicle sound services. Our technicians design systems that provide first-rate sound quality and fit perfectly to your ATV or UTV’s frame. Contact Laketown Speed and Sound today for a free quote, and learn more about our team’s process of crafting and installing an ATV audio system that rocks.