Automotive Accessories Make Great Gifts for Dads & Grads

As we swing into spring, Father’s Day and graduation season are just around the corner. For the car enthusiasts on your gift list, automotive accessories may be exactly what you need to make their special occasion even more memorable.

From the simple to the sublime, you can choose accessories of all types – and in every price point – depending on what the lucky recipient might like best.

Automotive accessories are perfect for gift-giving

Automotive Accessories for Comfort & Style

Dads and grads don’t have to be automotive enthusiasts to appreciate accessories that improve the comfort and style of their vehicles.

In northern Utah, floor mats are always a thoughtful and appreciated gift. Seat covers, seat cushions and steering wheel covers are all perfect for improving the comfort of cars, SUVs and light trucks.

If you want to make a real impression, consider new leather upholstery. You also have the option of adding seat heaters or even full seat replacement with customized leather racing seats.

Of course, practical gifts are always appreciated too. Consider an automotive safety or tool kit, flares, fire extinguisher or an emergency blanket to keep in the trunk.

Automotive Accessories to Refresh the Vehicle’s Exterior

If your dad or grad has an older vehicle, consider giving them the gift of new headlight bulbs and covers, to help improve safety and visibility at night.

You could jazz up their vehicle’s exterior with chrome accents like fender strakes, grille guards and gas caps. New tires and wheels are always an impressive gift, as are bumper guards and running boards.

For the truck-driving and off-road enthusiasts, tonneau covers and spare tire covers are always a popular choice.

Tech Upgrades & Automotive Accessories

Aftermarket performance upgrades have gone high-tech these days and, if you have gift-giving in mind, performance modifications will thrill your grad or dad every time they get behind the wheel.

If you’re feeling more safety-minded, gift your special someone a new automotive security system or backup camera system.

Upgraded, high-tech rearview mirrors are also popular today. You can choose models that eliminate blind spots, function as dash cams and even those that have tiny video monitors to assist with parking.

Finally, if your recipient of choice is still saddled with his or her factory-installed car stereo system, you’ll make their year with the gift of a new car audio system. You can upgrade your package to include video and navigation, too, for a gift they’ll never forget.

In Draper, Utah, Laketown Speed and Sound specializes in car audio, automotive security, window tinting and automotive performance upgrades. We also offer a full range of automotive accessories that are perfect for gift-giving throughout the year. Contact us today to learn more.