Do You Need Rim Repair?

Wheel rim repair can mean the difference between a flat tire and arriving safely at your destination on time.

rim repair

Your car’s wheel rims take a beating from potholes, curbs and just driving. They’re constructed to stand the test of time, but even the toughest wheel rims may warp or bend. And a bent rim is serious — ignoring it could have expensive, dangerous consequences in the form of a tire blowout. Here are a few signs you need rim repair:

Your Car Doesn’t Handle Like it Used To

Your vehicle doesn’t hug the turns as closely as it once did. You sense resistance when you try to take it through the usual turns. What’s happening?

If the cause is a bent rim, a lack of handling power is because it’s compromising your tires’ air pressure maneuverability. It’s time to get the problem checked out.

You Notice a Decrease in Gas Mileage

Because bent rims can create a slow air leak in your tires, over time you may start noticing your full gas tank isn’t taking you as far as it used to. Once the problem starts affecting your wallet, it’s only going to get worse, so scheduling rim repair is a good way to prevent even more tire damage.

You Feel Vibrations

When you grip the steering wheel, do you feel faint vibrations? This is a sign your front tires may have bent rims that need repair. If the steering wheel is steady but you feel vibrations in your seat, the rear wheels may need an examination.

Your Wheels Look “Off”

When you conduct your own visual inspection, you can’t place exactly what’s wrong, but the rims don’t look aligned. The rim is supposed to lay flush with the outer edge of your tire, maintaining a seal. If the edge is bent outward, schedule a rim repair appointment before your next major road trip.

Damaged Wheel Rim? It’s Time for an Eye-Catching Upgrade

Rim repair is fast and economical, but haven’t you been eyeing new rims for quite a while now? If you already have a bent wheel rim, maybe this is the perfect excuse to upgrade to a style you love. You’ll be shocked at the dramatic change — new wheel rims can transform the look of your vehicle.

Whether you’re looking for rim repair or new wheel rims, get your vehicle back in tip-top shape with the help of the team at Laketown Speed and Sound. We’ll diagnose problems with your wheels, and we can show you our wide selection of wheel rims.

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