Installing a Remote Car Starter: Why You Need a Pro

Installing a remote car starter brings a world of convenience. The days of gingerly gripping the ice-cold steering wheel or cooking on a piping-hot leather seat are gone. Now, your car can be ready for you before you get behind the wheel.

Installing a Remote Car Starter: Why You Need a Pro

Make it easier to remove snow and ice from your windshield and keep the kids happy — no more forcing them into an icy-cold or suffocating-hot car!

Installation may look simple with a remote starter package. Just connect a couple wires and you’re good to go! But it’s not that easy. Why should you always opt for professional installation instead of the do-it-yourself approach?

Vehicle Wiring Is Complex

The wiring in your vehicle is interconnected. If you accidentally cross-wire any systems, your vehicle could go haywire. You don’t want to set off the horn or mess up the heating or air conditioning, and this is entirely possible while you’re trying your hand at mechanical engineer.

An Amateur Job Can Mean an Expensive Fix

Besides setting off the car alarm and not knowing how to silence it and making an enemy of your neighbor in the process, an incorrect wiring installation can present the need for a technician’s expertise. Why not just get it done right in the first place?

It might end up costing even more to fix a botched installation.

Extra Complications Take Another Level of Expertise

It might be easier to wire a modern car, but if you’re installing a remote car starter on an older model, you will have more roadblocks to overcome. If you have a European model, a hybrid or a manual shift, it’s better to trust a pro.

Also, if the remote car starter won’t work without a bypass module, this will need to be installed as well. These devices function by tricking the car’s engine into thinking there’s a key in the ignition, and some vehicles with anti-theft systems won’t allow remote start without this modification.

Get the Professional Service You Deserve

If installing a remote car starter is beyond your scope of knowledge, no worries — Laketown Speed and Sound can help. We know from personal experience how helpful these devices can be in both cold and hot weather, and we also know how tricky some installations can be as well. However, given our years of experience installing these systems on a wide range of makes and models, we’re confident we can get the job done for you too.

Give us a call today and we’ll give you an estimate on the cost of installing a remote car starter based on your vehicle’s specs and the type of system you’re looking for.