Is Paint Protection Film a Good Investment?

Paint protection film, or PPF, is a popular automotive upgrade, but is it a good investment?

This innovative process began as a method of protecting the rotor blades of helicopters. Today, you can add this high-tech product to any type of vehicle – not just passenger cars, trucks and SUVs. You can have PPF applied to your RV, motorhome, motorcycle, Razr, trailer, etc.

When applied by an experienced technician, PPF will protect your vehicle and keep it looking like new for years, even on the highways and byways of northern Utah.

Benefits of paint protection film

What Is Paint Protection Film?

PPF is a type of thermoplastic film that, when applied correctly to the surface of your vehicle, creates an invisible, impact-resistant layer of paint protection.

This product is applied in two layers. The bottom layer consists of an adhesive film that, when impacted by a rock or other debris, bounces the offending object away. The top layer has a gloss finish, providing a durable and attractive visual effect that keeps your vehicle looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

PPF is custom fabricated and cut to precisely fit your vehicle. You have the option of having PPF applied only to the hood of your car or, if you prefer a full layer of protection, it can be applied to the doors, fenders, mirrors, bumpers, etc.

What Are the Benefits of Adding PPF to Your Utah Vehicle?

The northern Utah climate is particularly harsh on your vehicle’s finish. Between the harsh summer sun and the slushy conditions of winter, your paint takes a beating all year long. Flying rocks, bugs and all types of road debris can cause pitting, dings or scratches.

When your vehicle’s finish sustains damage of this nature, it looks bad and decreases the value of your vehicle. It also exposes the underlying structure to moisture and environmental contaminants, potentially leading to rust and corrosion.

The cost of having your car repainted is high, especially if it requires removing rust and repairing other damage. When you compare the cost of body work and painting to the cost of PPF, you’ll quickly recognize the benefit of adding this high-tech level of protection to your vehicle.

Trust an Expert for Paint Protection Film Installation

You’ll find a host of mobile auto detailers – many of whom are just guys with vans – who offer PPF installation. As a consumer, it pays to be wary of anyone who isn’t an established automotive upgrade business. You could end up with a poor-quality installation that looks bad and fails to protect your car’s finish. If the applicator fails to prep all surfaces correctly, your PPF could degrade prematurely, begin to peel away or, worse, damage your perfect paint job.

At Laketown Speed and Sound, located in Draper, we are northern Utah’s go-to experts for PPF installation. Our technicians are trained and experienced, and we have a state-of-the-art shop with all the specialized equipment necessary for a truly customized application.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of paint protection film, or to request a personalized price quote for your car audio system needs and other automotive upgrades.