Where to Mount Tweeters in Your Car

Tweeters are a key component in a stereo system, and if you’ve explored your vehicle audio options at all, you’ve heard of them. But you may wonder what exactly tweeters are. How can you mount them for ideal performance? Where should you put them for the best sound?

Where to Mount Tweeters in Your Car

Installing tweeters correctly can give you a broad depth of sound and a full stereo image, but it has to be done the right way.

What Are Tweeters?

Tweeters are speakers specifically designed to transmit high frequencies. Average speakers aren’t able to reach the same heights. Tweeters are combined with woofers (which cover the low sounds) to create a well-rounded sound that a straightforward stock speaker system will fall far short of producing.

Three Standard Mounting Options

Tweeter speaker mounts come in three different types.

The first option is the surface mount. In this scenario, tweeters are placed on top of a mount that is attached to the surface of the car’s interiors. This is the best option if your car cannot accommodate any other type of mount, or you’d like to change the interior as little as possible.

The second option is flush mounting. This is when tweeters are embedded within the dashboard or another part of the car and lay flush with the interior. You can find tweeters that are angled so you can adjust the direction of the speaker after it’s installed.

The third option is the bottom mount. The tweeter is installed beneath a grille that is already in place so you don’t have to make new holes in the car’s interior.

Four Different Placement Locations

There are four main locations within your car’s interior where it makes sense to place tweeters.

First, they can be installed on the “sail” panel. This is the area in the corner of your door between the body of the car and the window.

Second, you can install tweeters on the outer edges of your dashboard.

Third, the “A” pillar, the section of the car between your windshield and the door, is a good spot for a surface-mounted tweeter.

Finally, the upper door can often accommodate a flush-mounted tweeter.

Find Your Sound

Which type of mount is right for your car and which location is best? If you aren’t an audio professional, making the right decision may be difficult. Designing a car audio system is time-consuming and difficult if you don’t have experience on your side. At Laketown Speed and Sound, we create amazing vehicle audio systems that will blow you out of the water without blowing out your speakers. Contact us today to get a quote for your car.