Winter Is the Perfect Season for a Remote Start Install

If a remote start feature didn’t come with your vehicle when you bought it, you might soon wish you’d asked the salesman about car models that did include this helpful gadget.

Winter Is the Perfect Season for a Remote Start Install

No worries — Laketown Speed and Sound has the answer for you. We can install a remote start feature that cures your winter blues quickly, and winter is the perfect time to make this update.

Make Winter Your Favorite Season

If you live in Utah, you must like winter in some respect. Or maybe you just like looking at the snow-capped peaks — you aren’t a fan of your winter commute. It’s OK — it’s not the season for everyone. But it’s highly likely that the reasons you don’t like winter come down to a few of these inconveniences:

  • If you forget your gloves on your way to work, your hands are ice blocks from holding the steering wheel.
  • Your kids complain how cold it is the entire drive to school.
  • Your nose freezes as soon as you get in the car and it takes half a day to thaw out.

Sound like we’re reading your mind? It’s because many of our customers voice the same displeasure with winter. Thankfully, a device that heats your car up before you brave the icy outdoors resolves all these complaints!

Safety Is a Major Factor

Think about how a remote start can help you from a safety standpoint. It’s so much easier to clean a thawed windshield than a frozen one. Your windows and mirrors get cleaner faster, and your visibility increases.

Add to Your Car’s Value

Everyone loves a remote start! Your car’s value will increase instantly. It’s a great feature that’s a huge selling point. So even if you plan on trading your car in next year, it’s still worth it to enjoy the benefits now.

You Can Pair it with a Security System

A remote start can be integrated into a car-wide technology update, complete with security features as well. You can link it to your smartphone and track where your car is, monitor door locks and start your car, all with the touch of a button.

It Makes a Great Holiday Gift

While you’re getting your remote start installed, why not ask our Laketown Speed and Sound team about gifting the installation to a loved one this holiday season? You know your parent, spouse or sibling would love it too, especially because they’re already envious that you’re getting the update before them. Talk to us today about why winter is ideal for your remote start install.