4 Tips to Get More Speed from Your Vehicle

If you want more speed from your vehicle, you can add aftermarket automotive equipment to improve your engine’s performance. But there are other ways – shortcuts, if you will – to handle your need for speed.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on engine modifications to achieve this goal. Some simple and affordable steps can also help you improve your 0-60 time. How much you want to bump up the action is up to you – and your budget.

Tips to make your car or truck go faster

No. 1: Auto Mods to Increase Horsepower & Torque

In the most simple terms, the more you increase the flow of air and fuel to your engine, the more combustion you’ll have and, as a result, the faster you’ll go. Pushing out your vehicle’s exhaust is also important to this equation.

Consider adding a high-performance cold air intake, changing out your headers, switching to a high-flow catalytic converter, installing a wide-mouth throttle body or making high-performance changes to your car’s electronic programming.

Of course, you could always add a turbocharger or supercharger, if you’re ready to get really serious off the line.

No. 2: Lighten Your Load to Increase Your Speed

It’s so simple that you might never have considered it but, the more weight you can get rid of, the faster your car can go.

Do you really need to cart around your bowling ball and three bags of sand in the trunk? Start with obvious, non-essential items and you might be surprised how much weight you can shed.

Add some lightweight rims and swap out your breaks for high-performance two-piece rotors. You could even replace body components with carbon fiber. And, of course, you can always take your spare out but take care you don’t get stuck somewhere with a flat and no way to get back on the road.

No. 3: Better Traction Means Faster Speed

Have you taken a look at your tires lately? Driving around on worn tread isn’t helping your acceleration. In fact, it can hinder it significantly, thanks to a lack of traction and grip. Choose tires rated for high traction to provide that all-important extra grip.

No. 4: Lower Your Profile, Raise Your Speed

The more aerodynamic you can make your vehicle, the more you’ll reduce wind resistance and, thus, improve your speed. You can accomplish this in a number of ways ranging from wings, spoilers, side skirts, hood scoops, etc. You can also lower your vehicle. Having a lower center of gravity will reduce drag and get you where you’re going that much faster.

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