Aftermarket Auto Upgrades: DIY vs. Professional Installation

Today’s aftermarket auto upgrades offer many different types of products, from lift kits to navigation systems, auxiliary fuel tanks to roof racks. In fact, there are so many types of aftermarket products available today that you could give your car a complete makeover if you wanted to.

Aftermarket upgrades are especially popular in northern Utah, where we use our vehicles in a variety of extreme and non-standard ways. So, the chances are good that you might want to add an upgrade or two to your vehicle.

Should you try to do the upgrade yourself, or should you have the work professionally done?

DIY aftermarket auto upgrades

Pros & Cons of DIY Aftermarket Auto Upgrades

The current DIY trend is popular because many of us want to do things our way. It feels good to accomplish something on your own and have full bragging rights of “I did it myself!”

Another great thing about doing your vehicle upgrades yourself is that you can choose what components you want. You can do the work at your own convenience and you could ideally save yourself some money.

However, there’s always the possibility that you could cause a problem for yourself. Many aftermarket upgrade enthusiasts lack the skills and training they need to do the work and, as a result, they damage their vehicle and even end up voiding their manufacturer’s warranty.

Pros & Cons of Professionally Installed Aftermarket Auto Upgrades

Hiring a local expert to install your aftermarket upgrades will also let you choose your own components. Most shops will also schedule the work at a time that’s convenient for you.

Choosing professional installation rather than DIY can ultimately save you money. One reason is that a pro gets preferential pricing on the components you want. You won’t have to spend the time and effort figuring out how to install your upgrade and you will avoid the potentially costly mess of damaging your own vehicle.

Professional aftermarket upgrade shops also have insurance to protect you, in the unlikely event that something were to go wrong.

Choosing an Aftermarket Auto Upgrade Professional

When you’re ready to equip your car or truck with aftermarket auto upgrades, look for a locally owned and operated shop. Choose a shop that offers a wide range of products from the manufacturers you prefer. Select an installer who specializes in helping customers choose the right products and is happy to work within your budget.

Laketown Speed and Sound is locally owned and operated. We are proud to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Spend just a few minutes looking at our customer testimonials and you’ll see that we care about our customers and we are committed to providing exceptional service.

We carry products from all the best-known and respected manufacturers and all our products carry full factory warranties.

Laketown Speed and Sound has a reputation in northern Utah for great customer service and our attention to detail. We go out of our way to makes sure your experience with us is a good one.

Choose Laketown Speed and Sound in Draper for all your automotive aftermarket upgrade needs.