Are Aftermarket Upgrades Safe for Your Car?

Aftermarket upgrades make it possible for you to customize your vehicle the way you prefer without the limitation of the manufacturer’s specifications. In other words, aftermarket upgrades can be a dream come true for the avid car or truck lover.

But inevitably, many vehicle owners have their moments of doubt when reviewing all the aftermarket parts and systems that are available. Are you making a decision in the best interests of your car? Are you choosing an upgrade that’s safe?

aftermarket upgrades

Why Are They Used?

The general definition of aftermarket parts are auto parts that are made by a company other than the original manufacturer. They are often known as the cheaper option for replacement after damage in a car accident or due to general wear and tear, but there is a misconception that this means they aren’t as sturdy or safe.

In reality, the opposite might be true. Aftermarket manufacturing companies spend a considerable amount of time testing each part to ensure it stands up to demand and performs adequately. The company usually specializes in creating that specific part, and the warranty on their part is usually much longer than the original manufacturer’s.

In contrast, the original engine manufacturer is not wholly focused on one part in the car — in fact, they are often looking for the lowest cost and the most lightweight materials in order to boost the overall specs of the final vehicle.

Common Aftermarket Upgrades

There is a big difference between making an aftermarket repair versus an upgrade. Replacing a broken part with a different one that performs the same is one thing, but replacing it with a part that delivers a higher level of performance, or alters the performance of the vehicle, is another.

Two of the most common upgrades car owners plan for are adding performance chips or a body kit. A performance chip could increase the efficiency and horsepower of your engine. A body kit will alter the look and aerodynamics of the vehicle.

When changing vehicle performance, the safety factor to consider is how those upgrades will deliver the desired result and how they will affect other vehicle systems. For example, you may increase your vehicle’s turbo capability with a performance chip, but is your suspension and braking able to withstand this increase in power?

Always Go with Professional Installation

One of the best ways to make sure you never regret opting for aftermarket upgrades is by trusting a professional to do the install. It takes in-depth knowledge to know how a modification to one system will affect the rest of the vehicle, and at Laketown Speed and Sound, we have mods down to a science.

We promise an unrelenting pursuit of perfection. We’ll create the vehicle of your dreams using the best and safest aftermarket upgrades to get you there. Get your quote today!